Kaas Plateau – Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers

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A lateritic plateau of Kaas 30 km to the West of Satara on Pune Banglore Highway enjoys the status of being the Valley of Flowers of Sahyadri. Near about 300 plants species like herbs, orchids, insectivorous plants, shrubs, tuberous burst into flowers in monsoon months. September is the best month to visit this place. Kaas Lake is situated 26 kms from Satara city. It is on an altitude of 3,500 ft from sea level which was built in 1875. It is an ideal getaway for people in Maharashtra. Its scenic beauty ranging from magnificent mountains, serene lakes, and cascading waterfalls, offers a splendid backdrop to unwind and relax. I followed below itinerary for Saturday & Sunday, you may too.

Day 1: Leave early morning from Mumbai to Satara. t is ideal to leave at around 6 AM in order to avoid any rush at the Mumbai – Pune Expressway or in Lonavala. It takes approximately 6 to 7 hours to reach Satara. Once you reach, suggested to check into the hotel & freshen up. Leave by 3 PM towards Thoseghar waterfalls, which is around 20 kms from main Satara City, a 30-40 minutes journey.




There is a nice easy hike of about 1 km (with steps) that will reach you closer to the waterfall. This 1000 feet cascade makes for a breathtaking landscape! You can also explore the nearby area by walk, which has been beautifully managed by the Forest department.






You may later choose to explore the Chalkewadi windmill located about 25 kms from the Thoseghar waterfalls, which is a beautiful drive of 45 minutes. The Chalkewadi windmills is atop a hill, which is also surrounded by captivating pink & purple flowers. When we reached Chalkewadi, it was beginning to drizzle and the whole valley was covered in fog.





Satara has good options of delicious Veg. & Non-veg. food options to suit your appetite. We had lunch in Radhika Palace which serves wide varieties of local cuisine. In case the local food does not interest you, they also have Domino’s and other fast food joints.

Day 2: This is the day you have made this trip for. Today you will leave for Kaas plateau early morning at 6 AM, which is 25 Km away from Satara District H.Q. Locally called as ‘Kas Pathar’ or ‘Plateau of Flowers’ its major portion is Reserve Forest. Kaas plateau is listed under the Protection Working Circle. The entire flowering plants and their related plants are typically restricted to that particular locality only because the plateau is largely formed of basalt which is directly exposed to the atmosphere. The basalt is covered almost entirely by a thin cover of soil formed due to erosion and has accumulated a layer of not more than an inch. This soil is neither black nor lateritic.

You need to do prior online registration for visiting Kaas, which you can do it here.






You will have to walk 3 to 4 km once you come inside the gate to reach the plateau due to restrictions of driving. However, this walk provides plenty of opportunities to soak in the beautiful surroundings. Kaas Lake, a man-made lake lies on the plateau. It is a wonderful place to sit, relax, and enjoy watching the rays of the sun reflecting on the waters of the lake.


You can find all the details of How to reach Kaas, what to see nearby Kaas, home-stay accommodations, etc. on their official web page here.

Happy Travelling!

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