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iPhone 6S – The Only Thing that’s changed is everything!

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus is here, we’re not the first ones to talk about the iPhone, neither will be the last. With the world full of expectations and excitement, in front of 7000 early adaptors, tech-enthusiasts and developers, Apple announced their latest iPhones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus on Wednesday 9th September 2015.

Apple is the king of marketing, admit it. You can see it for yourselves in this simple ad. Though, there isn’t much added to the new iPhones, Apple, like always, trying to deceive the fans by convincing that everything’s changed.

The only thing that’s changed is everything:

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Specs:

Model iPhone 6S iPhone 6S Plus
Display 4.7 inches 5.5 inches
Memory 16, 64, 128 16, 64, 128
Processor A9 Processor (Embedded M9 Co-processor) A9 Processor (Embedded M9 Co-processor)
Camera Rear 12 MP (No OIS) 12 MP (With OIS)
Camera Front 5 MP with Retina Flash 5 MP with Retina Flash
Battery 1715 MAh 2710 MAh
Water Repellent No  No
OS iOS 9 iOS 9

New Features:

We feel pity for Apple. Yes, we really do. No matter how hard the company tries to keep everything secret, the leaks just keep pouring in throughout the year. And, the sad part is, they become inevitably true. As we have seen in so many leaks, most of the new features are here with the iPhone 6S such as Force Touch (3D Touch), 7000 series aluminium and 12 MP/5 MP cameras.

  1. 3D Touch: Well, This came as no surprise. But, it’s a lot more than what we’ve expected. Especially the live photos and other cool features which make use of this functionality to the extreme level.

Though everything about 3D Touch is new and enticing, we will have to wait and see if it has the impact in real world, everything is a mystery until you know about it.

Image: Apple

Image: Apple (Retina Flash on)

2.Camera: And after a while, we realized we needed more pixels, maybe that is what Apple thought, after so many years of 8 MP cameras, finally we have upgrades for both rear and front cameras.

More pixels give you more clarity and it also brought the 4K video recording to the iPhone. The FaceTime camera now is of 5MP and it uses the Retina Display as flash good lord, who can think like that, that’s Apple for you.

The 12 MP rear camera, we think is going to be a big hit, just like every other iPhone camera.

 3. Everything else: The Moto Voice (Touchless Control), which was introduced in 2013 Moto X and slowly adapted by Google Now and S voice, is finally on iPhone. It means you don’t have to plug-in your iPhone to talk to it.

The A9 Processor is acclaimed to be 70 % faster in performance and 90 % faster in Graphics. And it will also be more efficient according to Apple, and so the battery shrunk (i.e, 1715 MAh).

The 7000 series aluminium on the iPhone 6S is said to be 3 times stronger than the iPhone 6, so we can forget the BendGate and look forward to BatteryGate!

iOS 9 makes most out of the new features like 3D touch and camera.

Thoughts: So, there you go. That is iPhone 6S for you. We have been waiting for this device ever since the iPhone 6 was announced, and it’s finally here. Not much exciting. People already started Googling the iPhone 7. But it doesn’t mean the iPhones won’t sell. It will create another sales record just like every other iPhone has. But what is missing in the iPhone? There are bunch of features:

The battery is half-the-size of most of the Android devices out there if it’s boosted by at least 25 %, we could see a lot more iPhones on the hands of Android fans.

Some other features like, the water-proofing are not yet available in the iPhone. But hey, if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

Release Date and Price in India: Apple is slowly concentrating towards Asian market. Especially India and China. So, we expect the iPhone 6S to be released as early as next month. And we could expect the iPhone 6S to be priced at 54,000 Rs. /- for the 16 GB model and 62,000 Rs. /- for 6S Plus base model. Also, it should bring down the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus prices by at least 3,000 Rs. /-.

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