How to become a good orator like PM Narendra Modi?

It is an undisputed fact that our PM Narendra Modi is an excellent orator. He catapulted into the top job with brilliant election strategy and execution, on the back of his excellent oratory skills. People cannot help but be mesmerised by his public speaking skills. And so, we can safely say that it is a dream for every person to do oratory like him. Will it not be nice, if we can know the secret to master that art?

This happened yesterday on the eve of Teachers’ day when a 10th std student named Shreya Singh from PushpaVihar asked the PM the secret behind his oratory skills. For this, PM Modi gave some great insights which would be helpful for all of us.

Watch the video below to hear his reply.

You got the secret! isn’t it? Certainly, it takes a lot of hard work and practice to attain that level, so start working on it as early as possible!



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