Chennarayanadurga – A less explored weekend Getaway from Bengaluru

There is a saying, Time is money. Well, Time is not money for all! Time is also fun living, travelling, trekking, exploring the world at least for some of us. This article is for those adventure loving people out there! A trekking mind always keeps searching for the places that are least explored. One such place we found was Chennarayanadurga, an awesome trekking spot and one of the best weekend Getaways from Bangalore.

Though I do not know much about the history of the place I can definitely say it is well planned and most adorable places one would visit. The time when we were looking for, we couldn’t find much information, but now I got to know more about it that this fort belonged to the Wodeyars of Mysore and the kings who ruled Madhugiri. This betta (hill) is around 1100 mts tall. The place was dug up at some points may be for olden days Treasure hunt.

On a Sunday morning we planned, headed towards our destination, three of us on our bikes. The place is around 100kms from Bangalore. As we reached our destination, we parked our bikes and asked the villagers the route to start the trek. As we started climbing, it was around 10 AM. I suggest you wear Waterproof non-slippery shoes to climb the hill, (I almost fell at one point). The fort on the top of the hill is astonishing. This seems to be three layers of security. As u climb the first layer, you can see the second and once you climb the second there comes the third layer. The middle layer of rocks are the steepest of all.

The route we thought really tricked us. There exist many points where you think are the doors or entrance to proceed further but find that you cannot proceed any further.

The middle layer actually possess a temple and a kalyani (water reservoir) which had water. The actual route to the fort top was through the kalyani which had to be explored by us. This makes it adventurous as there was no one to guide us on our way. After a hail of 3 hours we reached the top at around 1 PM. It was an amazing view from the Hill top.

We occupied a shady place under the tree and had our lunch while talking about the environmental issues like we always do. The down hailing was a bit challenging as my legs had almost given up and I was slipping down. Had pit stops at places that looked different (heart shaped in the picture) and completed the journey with a great feeling of accomplishment. I wonder how the human race from the past had gone up to this height and planned such an architectural wonder. It is an amazing experience totally to conquer a historical fort like Chennarayanadurga!

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