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10 Kannada movie trailers that you must watch right now!


Cast: Suraj Gowda, Krishi Thapanda and others

Director: Aravind Sastry

“Kahi” marks the entry of another movie to the list of movies in Indie Genre. Every bit of the trailer feels fresh. The cinematography, music, editing, and direction everything mesmerises you. “Lucia” Pawan Kumar has heartily applauded the director for his effort. The trailer has already created a buzz online. This mustn’t be missed! Watch the trailer here.

As per my knowledge all the above listed movies are original and not a remake. This was what I was mentioning about “the wave” and I assume all the other film industries will be stunned by “The wave”. I have already bookmarked these movies as “Must Watch”… Will you?

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Raveesh Kemmai

Raveesh Kemmai

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