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10 Kannada movie trailers that you must watch right now!

There is a new wave in Kannada Film Industry. The wave merely started with “Lucia”, later took off with “Ulidavaru Kandante”, “6-5=2” and the recent “Rangitharanga”. And this time, it doesn’t seem to end here. Because the wave is going to be a Tsunami of quality films in the coming days. Kannada audience also has proved that there is always demand for good script-oriented films and have appreciated the real talents. We witnessed “Rangitharanga” standing tall against the mighty “Baahubali” and is still going strong even overseas.

Here we bring you such attempts, which we expect to carry forward the legacy of good films.


Cast: Dhananjay, Sanchita Shetty, Achyuth Kumar and others

Director: Akash Shrivatsa

Dhananjay came to fame through films like “Directors Special”, “Raate” and a short film “Jayanagara 4th Block” and now has a bunch of films in his pocket. One of them is “Badmaash”. This is the first directorial feature film for Akash Shrivatsa who has made a much acclaimed short film “Sulle Satya”. NRI Ravi Kashyap is the producer of the film, who had even backed “Sulle Satya”.  The Trailer has already been released which is keen in appealing mass cum class audiences.

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