Top Weekend Getaways From Mumbai (Infographic)

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, a city that never sleeps. Mumbai is one of the best cities to live in, with more than just one reason. Apart from being the financial hub, this city is most preferred due to the many getaways close to the city.

Yes, you read it right!

Mumbai is surrounded with many amazing getaway destinations, which can be reached in the matter of hours. Made up of seven islands, Mumbai not just is surrounded with scenic beaches, but it also has some enormous mountains and fresh water rivers flowing!

It would be a waste if you don’t visit these places at least once in your life. Moreover, vacations and holidays are the most awaited among the people living in this beautiful city. So, why not use them to visit some extraordinary destination?

Afraid that you get just two days off in a week? Well, they are enough!

Weekend getaways are gaining a lot of popularity these days, and why shouldn’t they. With the amount of stress we live everyday, mini weekend vacations have become a must!

The team of realized this fact and created an extensive list of weekend getaways from Mumbai for everyone interested in going for a vacation around the city!

Wondering why should you read this infographic?

Well, because it covers over 55 destinations around the city, and the extended article covers everything you would want to know about a place. The infographic starts with the destination closest to Mumbai, which is Panvel (42kms) and ends with Vengurle (545kms), which takes the longest to reach! This list is effectively divided by the time it takes to reach the destination, which starts with as low as 1 to 2hrs and as long as 8hrs and more.

Thus, it’s easier for you to choose depending on your comfort and the iron in the fire!

So, go for it! Check this infographic out thoroughly to get the most out of it!

55+ Weekend Getaways from Mumbai [Infographic] by the team at

Best Weekend Getaways from Mumbai


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