There’s a long way for India to become a superpower

This article is a constructive forward to “6 reasons why I don’t want India to become a superpower“. It was authored by my mentor. Taking a rational cue as well as partial agreement, I decided to question the metaphysics of all such euphemistic terms like superpower, etc. and penned them down here to ally a youthful solution:

Amidst the race among the USA, China and Russia to become “superior”, in terms of wealth and power, where and how exactly is India looked upon in this race? I don’t exactly believe that the said nations are also superpowers, when it comes to learning their facts on apoplithorismosphobia, etc. India politicians have certainly used the word “Superpower” in their rallies to attract the public and so have the [bootlicking] media, but can a semi-peripheral country like India win against the currently ruling core-countries? Whether it really is in this “power race” is an even better one as a so-called good argument.

The word “Superpower” has subjective connotations. For example, India can become the superpower in the next ten minutes if it bombs the major economies with its nuclear warheads. But this isn’t an ideal plan to gain power. Being neutral in the times of wars would be much better for India as all the aspects of this country are vulnerable to consternation. But, the truth is India is in no safe place when it comes to war for a very well known reason of its relationship with the Chinese military forces and also with Pakistan. For this reason, India is in immediate need to strengthen its military power of $44 billion to compete against the Chinese military power of $144 billion, and this is one of the necessary things to be taken care of for India to become a superpower.

Governance methods of India have proven to do no good to the society. Democracy was adopted due to the perpetrations caused by the British, but we Indians have forgotten about what exactly is the purpose of Democracy and what does Democracy actually mean. It would be ideal to introduce ‘Direct Democracy’ and take our chances rather than continuing with the same old useless and helpless Indirect Democracy. It is only then we will have the irresponsible and imbecilic politicians removed from the present hierarchy. Such politicians are nothing but parasites. The first step towards progress is to have sound governance and without it India is not even qualified to become a superpower.

When it comes to education, it is high time that India changes its University policies and transform its pedagogy skills as per the present needs. Following the same old establish path is not a good idea as it does not meet the current world demands in terms of technology and innovation. Over ninety thousand students migrate from India to the USA every year, which is a good blow to the Indian education system and the Universities and a good cause of concern. The current literacy rate of India is 74% which is far behind from the USA and China. You cannot educate 1 billion people with traditional universities. No amount of so-called educational reforms will alter the society, when people – in general – find it awkward to alter their cognitive consciousness.

Society – modernize it. Having orthodox thoughts and believes is good in a way but it should not sabotage or hamper progress. Modernization of a nation cannot happen without modernization of thoughts of its citizens. Strong political reforms and law enforcement is required for the betterment and development of the society and India should not dwell on unproductive and irrelevant sentimental thoughts and beliefs which for example are hampering the present ‘land acquisition bill’ too. Use the land to build cities, institutions, etc or make it agriculturally productive. Developing each of these aspects individually would enable a better control and growth.

Economy should no doubt grow at a fast pace, which India is achieving and this indeed provides some boost in development. But growth alone is not sufficient to emerge as stronger. The GDP gap among the competitors must reduce. Hence, India must stop focusing on development of industries such as steel that are already being dominated by its competitors and with a huge margin. India should in fact develop its existing alpha industries such as coal, iron ore, natural gas etc that are high revenue generators and can be used as a weapon to strengthen the economy. Agriculture should be given its due importance. India must consider this area as a helping hand in the pathway of progress. Introduce scientifically advanced technologies in farming and provide a strong solution for the farmer suicides problems. A strong growth in this field will reduce the need of some imports and therefore can produce huge benefits to our country’s economy.

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