The first glitch

What does it take for a man to be attracted towards a girl…I mean for a normal man, is it the cleavage which you see or is it the flaunting ass, two of the value added destructions that make the life of a man HARD!! You know what I mean…Just then you need to even realize this is momentary, with the advancements in the society and social status of women you get to see more of these stuff on a daily basis these days. Hell yeah, that’s barbaric, and that’s instincts you see…

But One fine day, all these peek a boo stuff don’t seem to make any sense, Some girl whom you saw for a few seconds starts filling up your mind, you start feeling that you can’t just stare at her the way you used to do with others , you can’t fantasize  all those things you wished to do with the hot girls you saw, the way she dresses doesn’t really matter ,and the way walks or the way she talks doesn’t seem to alter your thoughts about her,  If this happens you should know this …you are either turning a saint or you are starting to fall for her ,but the irony is that in either case your life will not be what it was before .

 Yes exactly, if you have gone through these you would know, or you  are presently going through this, even then you will know, or  are you a likely contender to this “Lover Boy” thing ,you would want to know: Love is not about big things , it’s not something  like robbing a bank or murdering someone , it’s very simple and very natural feelings that you start having on someone, obviously someone special ,but yeah once you are into it ,I mean deep into it, you will be ready to even rob a bank, or even murder someone..Let me guess ….yeah, her boyfriend!!

But the point here is   what does take for a man to fall in love, what is that thing which drives you crazy that you end up doing the craziest things for her, which you once wouldn’t have even thought that you would do.Say shouting “Babe, I love you “, in a moving train full of people and love it when they stare at her and she her blush and melt over your chest.I should just say you this, when I first saw her I didn’t think about her at all, I mean it didn’t hit me that she was attractive, she was fair, and I judged it to be cockroachy white, Meh!!  just another girl from the old schools …But one thing hit me, she was popular, very popular, like those singers or dancers in the TV shows, And unlike many she was down to earth. And I liked it.

 But then I didn’t have the slightest of the hints that she was the one … The one who would push me to my extremes, test me on my reliability, break me down, and yet would stay to be mine deep inside my heart which was closed till then for the folks of opposite sex….It was one fine morning when it all happened, a second meeting.. I was all the same, she was all the same. Just a difference and it was my time to fall for her, to fall in love, to get lost in the divine embrace of the feel and to enjoy the serenity of the situation…

Was it her bluish-green eyes, or was it her long and thick strands of dangling hair, or was it her beautiful little face, or was it her entirely? which made me fall, or was it me myself finding something which I hadn’t found till that day.. I don’t know …. But I know a thing, she wasn’t cockroachy white and jasmines looked great on her…. You think its attraction, don’t you????? But what do you say, if I said you this happened 4 years before, and those countable 3-4 minutes of time still play in my mind as if it was recorded… She wore that blue ghagra ….Man, that’s awesome…Not the ghagra   … To tell you how I fell in love, and to relive those moments which are now a memory which I would want to cherish for my life

You know all of us have these inroads to love .just those triggers which unleash the emotions and they just start flowing in into rivers, rivers in which you raft through, and if they are intense the flood can even wash you away…Beware of love!! Buwaha!!It’s too late if u have already seen someone and is

already rafting in the cold waters of love… Having said “beware”, I believe in living the life to its extremes, gambling around with what it gives you, loving people and getting lost in the intense feeling of being loved or being cared… That is the best feeling, knowing that there is someone out there who cares for what you do, and what you are.

But do we all get this care?? This love?? Has this journey bore fruits to all those who seek care?? No…

Why??? The big question????? Why doesn’t love happen to all?? Why doesn’t it click all the time?? This question hasn’t given me answers.It’s like you don’t get to live your life everyday.You don’t get everything that you want.Likely is the case with love. You need to be lucky to fall in love. And even luckier to be loved. On this note, I would like to end now. We will do some catching soon .Till then..bye bye!! Keep smiling..And take care

– Ashish Saradka

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Ashish Saradka

Ashish Saradka

I am a debater orator and luckily an engineer. I work for HP, Writing is a passion .my principle in life " LOVE CAN CONQUER ANYTHING AND ANYONE ". Electronics computer and nature pull out the child in me

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