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Sony Xperia M5 and C5 Ultra Specs, Release date and price in India

There is some good news to cheer up for all the lovers of Sony. They are back yet again with two brand new mid-ranger smartphones, the Xperia M5 and Xperia C5 Ultra. Just when everyone is focused on the best budget phone of the year from Motorola, the Moto G 2015, Sony is trying to get into the game of big players.


It was just over three months ago, the Xperia M4 Aqua was released in India for a whopping 25,000 Rs. /-. With the announcement of Xperia M5 and C5 Ultra, the M4 Aqua’s price has been dropped just below 20,000 Rs./-. The phone can now be purchased for Rs. 19,000 /- via Flipkart.

Xperia M5 Specs:


Pic. Courtesy: Sony Mobile

Xperia C5 Specs:


Thoughts: Both of these devices have their own plus points and have two variants of each with single and dual sim models. The Xperia M5 being little ahead in terms of specs. But the C5 Ultra is big in size and has a 13MP camera with front- facing selfie flash. Sony has become an underdog in the smartphone industry for a while now. They would be hoping to catch up the market with these new products.

On paper, both devices are solid and waterproof. But Sony loses the battle when it comes to pricing, and that is where Motorola has learned and been so successful recently. When you compare these two products against the best budget phone Moto G 2015, we would still choose the Moto G, just because it costs almost half the price.

Release date and price in India: The phone is expected to be released in mid-August, so we expect an Independence Day release or so. As we have mentioned, the fate of these products will be based on their price. If at all Sony has learned something from all their failures and loss in the industry that should be pricing of their products. However, we don’t expect Sony to change any soon. So, Xperia M5 should be around Rs. 27,000/- and the C5 may be priced around Rs. 24,000 /- in India.

Our suggestion? well, we all know the quality of phones that Sony offers, especially the camera in the Sony smartphones and now the waterproofing too. But, for all that matters, the price is a bit too much, we still feel the Moto G 2015 is the best budget smartphone you can buy.


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