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There is no such thing like “PERFECT” or “COMPLETE”, only continuous improvement- anonymous

Six months back, we started Readoo India website with a mission to provide a platform for people to share their opinions, talents and experiences. The response was overwhelming. Till now the website has received half over 8 million hits. This is way beyond our expectations and we are indebted to you readers, for your unconditional support, love and well wishes. Because of your support, the contents, articles of our website are now widely popular and followed. Appreciation for our work has been coming from various corners, which keeps us motivating to achieve more and more.

Since our website has started to grab the global audience and considering that we have a good database of Kannada articles and a well-established source of writers for Kannada section. We thought of expanding Readoo website by creating a website exclusively for Kannada readers. And thus, a brand new Readoo Kannada website is born. All the Kannada articles, that were hosted in this website will be available in the new website here onwards.

News about the launch of Readoo Kannada in Hosa Digantha Kannada daily.

News about the launch of Readoo Kannada in Hosa Digantha Kannada daily.

As we have said earlier, we invite writers from all ages and genres to share their writings here. The process for sending the articles will remain the same for both websites. See here, for the guidelines. You are most welcome to join our ever enthusiastic team of writers. Do support us, by spreading a word about us and sharing the articles in the social media. Let the writings here provoke your thoughts and provide a platform for healthy discussion. Let the experiences/ talents shared here inspire you. Together let us build a strong, creative and intellectual society.

As you can see, we have made changes in the look and feel of our website and we hope that this will enhance your user experience. Any suggestions/feedback are welcome.

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Aditya Kalluraya

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