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The only 2 things you should consider when buying a Smartphone

As the smartphones are getting smarter, we are getting more addicted to them. Today, most of the smartphones in the industry are way faster and better than the yesterday’s computer. The speed in which the Smartphone grows has already begun to slow down. There is less innovation. Everything the companies do they think is just a novelty.

So, before you go and buy a new smartphone, there are a number of things that you have to consider. But, most of the people consider the things that are already improving and unnecessary. They consider RAM, display, processor and even the SD card slot. These things are already a minimum requirement for a smartphone. So, no longer we have to worry about them.

The minimum amount of RAM required for a smartphone has gone from 1GB to 2GB now. And you get a 1080p display, 16GB of internal memory, 5 inches screen and etc. as a basic need. So, talking about them makes no sense most of the times.

Here we will discuss the two important factors when buying a smartphone. If you are one who’s in line to get your hands on the next smartphone soon, then you may want to consider the following two things.


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 1. Battery Life: The only thing where there is almost no innovation at all is the smartphone batteries, for various reasons. A mobile battery has to undergo a numerous rounds of tests and should have a minimum level of safety and precautionary measures.

Which is why there is not much improvement in terms of battery life of smartphones. Instead, the companies are trying to tweak the software to get better battery life out of smaller batteries. That is also the reason, “Doze” mode was introduced in Android M and iOS has “Deep Sleep”.

The Battery life is also dependent on the hardware. A QHD display with a 4G connection will drain the battery much faster than a 720p 3G smartphone. So, you should also have a look at other specs relatively. But, what is the minimum battery size that you may need?

If you are an average smartphone user with moderate apps and browsing, at least you need a 3000 Mah battery for a 1080p display, if you want to get a full day out of your phone. So, to conclude, if you can’t imagine yourself carrying power banks and wires all over, get a phone with at least 3000Mah battery.


Pic: Flickr

2. Camera: A research done in Flickr concluded that iPhone cameras are the second most used cameras after professional cameras. And we all know the “Shot on iPhone 6” ad by Apple and it’s impact. This shows the importance of smartphone cameras.

People always get confused between pixels, sensors, and software. Most of us think that, if the number of pixels are more, then the image quality will be better. And, time and again Apple prove us wrong by producing stunning photographs with just an 8MP shooter.

So, when buying a smartphone consider the manufacturer’s quality in terms of cameras. Some of the leaders in smartphone cameras are Apple, Samsung, Sony and recently LG. Again, it’s not how many pixels a camera has, it is about the quality of image processing software a company provides.

A battery with more than a day of juice and a good smartphone camera will provide you a perfect smartphone experience. The Rest will make you run behind wall chargers and professional cameras. The OnePlus for example, provided a perfect phone with a very good camera and battery. If you want to use your smartphone for a longer run, these we believe are the two important factors when you buy a smartphone.

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