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Photography: Anvil Crawlers




Lightning is one of the most beautiful and sometimes one of the scary things you get to see during the rainy season. What many of us don’t know is that lightning are of different types and one of them is ‘Anvil Crawlers’.

Anvil crawlers are arguably one of the most beautiful types of lightning. These travel horizontally in sky with a tree-like structure. The movement of this kind of movement is slow enough to see it from its origin to the end which takes shape of a tree without leaves in it, as seen it the photos. The slowness of the lightning gave the name Anvil CRAWLERS to these.

These occur at relatively higher altitudes and don’t hit the ground usually. The best time to see such lightning is just after a thunderstorm passes over and because of the beautiful display of colourful light in the sky, these are one of the favourite types lightning a photographer would like to shoot.

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