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OnePlus Two – Specs, Price and Release date in India

OnePlus Two – the 2016 flagship killer as marketed by the company is finally here. The second flagship device of the less than two years old start-up has been making a lot of promises lately. Does it deliver?

The VR experience – as announced by the company, the phone was released in VR (Virtual Reality). But if you’re one of those people who couldn’t get your VR headset, don’t worry you’re not alone! It was a totally new experience in 360 degrees, I had to literally keep turning around for a better and right angle. Overall, it was a great experience for the first time!

Here’s what we could catch up while turning our head like a robot during the event:

OnePlus 2 Specs:


Pic. Courtesy: Ars Technica

Display: 5.5 inches 1080p display

Camera: 13 MP rear with laser autofocus and OIS

& f/2.0 and 5 MP front camera

Processor: 1.8 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 64 bit

GPU: Adreno 430 GPU

Memory: 16/64 GB internal with 4 GB RAM

Battery: 3300 Mah

OS: Android Lollipop with OxygenOS skin

Other features: Fingerprint sensor, Alert switch & more

Thoughts: Having sold more than a million and a half devices of OnePlus One, the two has more expectations and fans. OnePlus One, plus One is equal to the OnePlus Two, in terms of specs, but what we liked about it? The OnePlus forums. OnePlus forum has been one of the most active forums on the internet. Result? they’ve listened to the users and tech community. So, they’ve done a lot of hard work and tweaking to perfect the device. A few notable things here are:

Display – Despite the industry moving towards QHD displays, OnePlus two still has the 1080p HD display – for the good. They’re right, the technology isn’t simply there yet in terms of battery. So, keeping a 1080p display is super cool with a bumped up battery!

Camera – 13 MP Camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and laser autofocus means, the camera should give a tough fight to the likes of LG G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 or even the iPhone 6. Rather than bumping up the pixels, it has an improved 1.3 micro-pixels sensor for better low light photography.

Finger Print Scanner: We would have loved to have a home button with fingerprint sensor like the iPhone’s one. But this one just uses the physical sensor for only unlocking the phone! It’s fine if it fulfills the purpose perfectly!

Alert Switch: No longer you have to dig your phone deep in order to change the notification settings. The Alert switch has 3 modes. Turn off all notifications, Turn on all notifications and Turn on only particular notifications. It’s a welcome addition to the hardware side!

OxygenOS: We all know the conflict between CynogenMod, Micromax and OnePlus, result? OxygenOS. It’s not exactly an OS per se. But, it’s just a skin on top of Android Lollipop. Insofar what we’ve seen, the skin is fluid and simple with a few useful tweaks, just like the ones we see in Moto devices – but little different. Some examples are the settings menu, icon packs, dark theme and so on.

Camera Samples: While we were writing this article, the OnePlus site was updated with a few pictures shot from OnePlus Two.

Finally, the “Improved Invite System”: Though most of us hate the invite system from OnePlus, the Invite System per se was one of the biggest reasons the firm got fame. The company says it has improved the invite system and delivery speed, but we’ll have to wait and see how it goes! 2015-07-28 09-24-30

Price & release date in India: The VR experience without a VR was quite tough we should say. Before we even know the price, the video was done! But, as we kept on refreshing the OnePlus website, we learned the price of the device. The 16 GB model is priced in India at 22,999 /- Rs. and 24,999 /- Rs, for the 64 GB model, which is quite acceptable and it’s same or even less than the price in other countries. The phone will be available in India from 11th August. We expect it will be available in both Flipkart and Amazon India.

So, there you go. Wait for your invite! or should we say the “Improved Invite System”. We feel the invite system will be there for only a few months. So, wait for your time!

If you still are not satisfied with the device itself, we have the Motorola event later today! Let us know what are your thoughts on the OnePlus Two or OnePlus 2!

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