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OnePlus Two, Moto X, Note 5 and everything mobile 2015

Prepare yourself for the biggest season in technology. It starts at the last week of July and goes on till the end of the year. This time of every year is the best in technology. This time is the spring for all tech geeks, bloggers, vloggers and end users as well.

This year’s biggest announcement in technology starts tomorrow (Monday, 28th July) with the announcement of OnePlus Two. Followed by the XOX Motorola event in which the company is expected to reveal two Moto X s, a Moto G and possibly a Moto 360.

These are the most awaited announcements to be made in Smartphone industry this year. And finally, on 29th July, we also have the Windows 10 event by Microsoft. So, welcome to the spring of technology.

Thoughts: As always, in mobile technology there’s always a better one tomorrow. These things never stop coming. Every time you buy something, you always feel that you could have bought a better product. But, at the end, you can’t keep waiting all your life to get the best product, rather, buy one which is best today and make the best use of it. All the best for choosing the best!


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