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OnePlus Two – Made of Blood, Sweat and Tears!

OnePlus, the company with a tagline, “Never Settle“, seems to be on the right track. It’s almost a year now since their first flagship OnePlus One. So, it’s time for the OnePlus Two.

About the Company: OnePlus is a technology startup committed to bringing the best possible technology to users around the world. Created around the mantra Never Settle, OnePlus creates beautifully designed devices with premium build quality. (From the website).

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When you have a tagline like that, you make sure you get your brain thinking and improving constantly. That is what they are trying to do. The good thing is a startup from nowhere, made their presence so strong in the smartphone industry, in a very short term.

And the bad thing is also the same.Now they have got more expectations from the users. The company’s philosophy, “Improve the status quo” and They are trying very hard on it. Though it sounds similar to that of Apple’s, Challenge the Status Quo, it’s a little different. As quoted by their co-founder, they are trying to fill the gap between Apple and other companies. Meaning, they want to be the second best company in the smartphone industry, after Apple. If they can do that, then they will be the first OnePlus.

About the OnePlus One: We all know that, OnePlus One, the flagship killer was one of the best flagship devices with low price and bumped up specs. The phone has sold more than a lakh devices only in India and almost a million devices all over the world. And the phone did satisfy most of the customers though it was not perfect. There were a few problems like touch screen issues, software gimmicks and ect., the device received positive feedback from the critics and the users as well.

OnePlus Two: All the big expectations and rumours are putting pressure on the small company. But, till now they have been responding quite well to everything. And the good thing is, rather than people leaking the info about the device, the company itself doing it and making the users inquisitive.


OnePlus Two Specs: As revealed by the company itself, below are the major specs of OnePlus Two. The phone size will be smaller than OnePlus One as informed by the co-founder on Reddit.

Processor: Snapdragon 810 processor, Adreno 430 GPU

Memory: 4 Gb RAM, 16 & 64 GB inbuilt storage

Battery: 3300 Mah Battery

Camera: 16 MP Rear camera and 5 MP front

Other Features: Fingerprint scanner, Gorilla Glass 4 and OxygenOS.

Thoughts: The company promises improvement in everything, from build quality, camera and software of the device to the battery. When asked by a reddit user, “What is the Oneplus 2 made of, exactly?”, the reply from the company’s co-founder was, “Blood, sweat & tears”. And for most of the questions from the users, the OnePlus team answered with patience. They have also agreed to the problems in their streamline and service and said, everything will get better gradually.

And while answering another user regarding the company,

[–]acefuzion : What inspired you guys to stand up to the big boys of the cell phone manufacturers. You guys are totally revamping the game! Look forward to the OnePlus 2

[–]carpe02OnePlus: Carl, co-founder: Every company, civilization and organization has a rise and fall. Nothing stays relevant forever. We just thought we could make a better product, and decided to give it a shot.

Forget specs and marketing for a second. If you were to ask people what the most product focused (smartphone) company was, most people would answer Apple. If you ask who’s number two, everyone would have different opinions. This is why we saw an opportunity.

You can read the whole AMA on Reddit.

Release date & Price: We will have to wait and see when it’s revealed on 27th July, the keynote will be on “Virtual Reality” and the price will be less than 450$, so we expect around Rs. 28,000 /- in India. Again the company is following improved invite-only feature, as quoted by the OnePlus team, but we expect the phone to be released in Flipkart and Amazon.

Meanwhile, if you’re worried about choosing a new smartphone brand, read our article about choosing smartphone brands, here.

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