Menthe/methi/Fenugreek seeds Dosa

Menthe Dosa


Dosa rice 2 cup
Cooked rice or beaten rice 1/2- 3/4 cup
Fenugreek seeds 2-3 tbsp
Salt and water according to requirement


Wash and soak rice n Menthe together for about 4- 5 hours.

Grind them along with Cooked rice or soaked beaten rice to a fine paste adding required water and salt.

The consistency should be as thick as idly batter.

Ferment overnight or even more depends on your weather. This step is very much required otherwise we can’t get good bubbled soft dosas.

Prepare dosa by pouring the batter on hot tawa by giving a light press. It should be thick not thin. Don’t cover the lid otherwise you won’t get those bubbles.  No need to flip over. It has to be cooked in medium flame. Serve them by pouring sweetened coconut milk (kayi halu+jaggery). Trust me it tastes yummy!


Madhura Bhat

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