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10 simple home remedies for the Common Cold

In summer due to heat the human body will get dried as a result there will be decreased strength in the body. But during rainy season, as the rain water touches the earth the plant turns green, which increases the tastes like sour, salt, sweet which is said to be the cause for the increase of strength in the body. The coolness of the environment and the RASAS or tastes which increases the strength of the body also causes some of the health problems like common cold, cough etc.

In this article, I would like to tell you some of the home remedies for common cold.

1. Inhaling the smoke emitted by burning the turmeric powder relieves the blocked nose. This can be done by rubbing the turmeric powder over a bandage cloth then rolling it. It has to be burnt at one end and the smoke emitted from it is inhaled through a paper pipe. This helps to relieve the blocked nose.

2.Fresh curd with a piece of jaggery in one cup if daily taken for 3 days will cure sneezing along with the cold.

3. Pepper powder with honey taken 4 to 5 times a day for about four days will cure the cold.

4. Fresh juice of one tablespoon ginger taken along with sugar in equal quantity 3 times a day for about a week will cure cold.

5. Decoction prepared using two cups of water in which a cup of basil leaves(tulsi) is taken and is reduced to half of the original quantity, then filtered and taken with sugar in lukewarm condition, two times a day for about a week will cure cold along with cough.

6. Tea prepared using Pudina leaves taken twice a day will cure cold.

7. A cup of milk along with turmeric powder and little pepper taken twice a day for a week will cure cold.

8. Daily intake of orange in little quantity prevents the attack of cold.

9. If children are having cold along with cough, one teaspoon of a tulsi juice along with honey should be given three times a day for about two days. It will improve the health of the child.

10. Consuming garlic daily(in any form) prevents the attack of cold.

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Dr. Archana Arun

Dr. Archana Arun

MD, Ayurveda doctor working in Udupi

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