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Becoming a Yoga teacher is one of the best career options these days. The UN announcement to celebrate June 21 as International yoga day has created more awareness about the importance of yoga practice. For sure this will create a lot of vacancies for Yoga teachers in near future.  At present, there are a lot of well knowledgeable Yoga teachers without academic Yoga qualifications, however when it comes for a government / private sector jobs one must have a recognized university certificates. So if one plans to take Yoga as a career it is advisable to hold a degree from a recognized institution.

There are few examples of people from IT and other sectors shifting towards yoga teaching profession. I have observed a lot of westerners have started yoga as a career at their age of 60’s.  In the beginning level, one can take it as a part time job and gradually can shift to a full-time teacher. At present, there are a lot of ways to get academic qualifications in yoga.  One month certification yoga courses, 6 months Yoga diploma course, one year Postgraduate diploma courses, 2-year master degree courses, 4 -5 year Ph.Ds etc  are in plenty.

A lot of universities are offering different types of yoga courses. Mangalore University called admission for New Year M. Sc Courses on June 2nd week. Also, there are options in Bangalore University, SVYASA University, and Andhra University.  If anyone is interested to enter to this field feel free to contact me, I will try my best to assist you.

ICCR- Indian council for cultural relation is sending Yoga teachers to abroad as a part of its program. Recently the first yoga college in China has been established at the Yunnan University of Nationalities in Kunming, with the cooperation of the Indian government.  Already yoga has become famous in world’s most populous country China, already a lot of yoga teachers are there and more openings will come in near future.  There is lot demand for lady teachers in Middle East as the local women’s prefers lady teachers.

In USA, Europe, Australia, yoga is much popular. The Indian Army, Navy, Airforce, railways, policies and most of the government sectors have adopted yoga as a part of the curriculum in their training.  The IT /BT, corporate sectors started yoga sessions to increase the productivity of their staff. So, for Yoga teacher there is well-featured career opportunity in India as well as Abroad.

Yoga practice/teaching is there in India since time immemorial. However, the common man has started to understand its importance and need in life these days. Yoga is becoming part of yhe lifestyle for a 6-year kid to 70-80-year-old people.   So for sure if one takes it seriously as a profession there is no doubt it will give you bread and butter along with good health.

Harish Bhat Kevala
Yoga Teacher

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  • Yasshaswi PN

    Can you please let me know any short term certified courses are there for Yoga?

    • Harish

      Dear Mr. Yashaswi- There are lot short term certified course available . In Mangalore university, SVYASA- Bangalore offer’s one month yoga instructor courses, Also In Hrishikesh ajarya yoga, patanjali yoga peeta all offering short term course, 6 months diploma course available in kaivalya dhama Maharashtra. Lot options to have short time Yoga courses.

  • kumar gaurav

    Dear Harish,
    I want to become a yoga teacher but i don’t know much more about the career in this field so i am unable to get confidence to start ,another thing right now i am working in software industry . so it is difficult to leave the job and start the career in yoga …what i want any institute which is provided part time job and training certificate course also(i have one year yoga experience in college label but don’t have certificate i have i card which is provided by pantanjaly yogapeeth as an assistant yoga teacher) if it is any combo program is available than please share the information like that i can afford my tuition fee and survival cost. please give me the relevant answare for this purpose i will be highly thank full to you.

    Best Regards

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