That little dream!!

In the process of growing up, I think we really forgot who we really are.There I was that day standing by the side of the road trying hard to make peace with the inner clamor in my mind. They said me “Things will be fine soon” “you have to be strong” “you cant give up hope so soon”. I realized that how numb I had become to all those lines above. I felt like, people have grown used to my problems and now that it doesn’t matter them that life is not easy for me. While thinking about all the problems, a sudden honk on the road made me look up and that’s when I really looked around.

I saw a man over there, who was as old as my grandpa would be, he was trying to sell some candles to people, whilst everyone walked passed him. He begged them to at least buy one from him. I saw a girl trying to buy cigarette from a small kid, when I looked closely, I discovered her crying and the little kid looking at her as if trying to stop her,trying to say “Stop destroying yourself ” . I saw a guy with many friends, laughing out loud but trust me I have never seen as sad eyes as his before. I wonder what is wrong with this world? I see so many smiling faces with the most sad eyes. I saw a woman, fighting with the vendor for charging her much, she seemed exhausted of many things than just doing things for her family.

Wow!!! It was hard to believe that everyone had a huge battle they were fighting inside them which no one had any idea of. While trying to console my aching heart by watching the pain in others eye, I saw a small kid, laughing out loud with his mom and getting happy by seeing every small thing on the road. I stared at him till he saw me back and that’s when I smiled. I realized something that we are so busy trying to make things so perfect that we forget what life actually is.

I had my head wrapped around with the idea that everyone has, that is to study pretty hard, and get into the most amazing university and then to fall in love, get married, have a great job, have kids and happily ever after sort, you see. But life is not how we plan right? In fact I believe life has a great way to screw you up badly.hahaha !! We get into college, we score pretty bad, all the dreams of great university goes dashing down in the garbage bin. We fall in love, we fall out of love. We fall for the most wrong person ever and o god! That heart broken phase, trust me it feels like the end of the world. Marriages break. Kids leave. And then after so many years you realize “Its LIFE not a MOVIE”

I wonder what if we stop having the same life what this society feels is desirable to have ? That day after watching so many people on the road, I realized that no one is entirely happy. Not even the one with 9 digit bank balance, not the one who has love, not the one who is the most popular, not even the poor.

So why are we still searching for Perfection?


I knew what I wanted in life that day, I wanted to travel. Like travel where ever I get to. I wanted to go really far away from here and start everything anew. Get temporarily settled somewhere, for a year or so. Discover that place, meet new people, make friends, explore, roam, see the beauty. I don’t want to settle I want to move from places to places. Have a new identity every time I get to know new people. Fall in love, get heart breaks, fall out of love. See the beautiful sand dunes and the most amazing sunset. Explore the local café and dance in the rain.

It won’t mean that I won’t get hurt in all this time when I will be doing things the way I like. But at least I won’t have the same boring stories to say when I grow old. I won’t say the same thing that I went to college, studied, got a job, married, and then had kids. I want to see my story worth writing about. Worth laughing and crying about. I want to have sunshine and dark clouds . I want to have some thing that I won’t regret about

So you still want to sit on the couch and cry over the most obvious problems in your life or do you want to for once Chase Your Dreams?

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Shraddha Gupta

Shraddha Gupta

An Autodidact Sapio Accustomed with individualistic thinking and eager to be an Intellectual in the true sense!

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