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Here’s how much Google lost because of you

Yes. You’ve read it correctly. Google, the search engine giant, has lost almost 6.6 billion dollars because of Ad-blocker users, that is 10 percent of their revenue. Meanwhile, we have also learned the reason behind the mystery why we still get ads, even after installing Ad-Block or Ad-Block plus. Because of the deal between Ad-blocker and Google.


Google pays Ad-Blocker about 77 million dollars a year to sneak a few ads through or which is also known as whitewashing ads. According to the deal, the search company makes some hidden codes which hides the visible ad-links. Every time you’re clicking on a link, you may be clicking one of those ads, which you do not know. So, now you understand the mystery of, how you’re still getting the ads despite Ad-Blocker? Google has been in the hit list of all the big companies and consumers lately.

On the one hand, Apple is improving their Spotlight with ad-free search results and ad-blocking capabilities in the iPhone. On the other hand, Ad-Blocker is building their own Ad-Blocker browser. And, Microsoft is improving the bing search each day. If Google is not going to learn from their mistakes, their motto, “Don’t be Evil”, will be in their eulogy.

If you’re still one of them whose in the 90’s and use Internet Explorer, we suggest you have a look at our Top 10 extensions for your browser here.

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