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Flipkart Vs. Amazon – Whose winning the E-commerce battle?


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Flipkart, the E-commerce firm founded by two ex-employees of has been India’s top E-commerce service provider since it was founded in 2007.

Snapdeal, no longer the underdog, was founded in 2010 as a daily deals platform and later expanded to an online retail store.

Amazon, which was started as an e-book store in 1994, and now the largest E-commerce store in the world, launched, in 2013.

It all started at the beginning of 2014 as little clashes for the marketplace in India. Later in September 2014, it became a battle. We all know the “Big Billion Day” stories. That was the moment where in, all three E-commerce giants openly started fighting for their market share in India. Be it a roadside advertisement, full-page newspaper ads, or the TV commercials, all the three were aiming at each other rather than focusing on customers.

As of May 2014, it was Flipkart, who was leading the battle with a clear lead of 13 million unique visitors. and Snapdeal were falling behind with 10 million each during the same period. Well, the story is different now.

A recent analytics report from comScore Data, Amazon India has surpassed by a marginal growth of 0.1 million (or 1 lakh) visitors. In the analysis conducted in May 2015, has a reported 23.6 million unique visitors, where Flipkart stands at a little less rate of 23.5 million. Snapdeal, on the other hand, has a long way to go with 17.9 million visitors to their site.

So, Amazon, has a growth of 142% since May 2014. Where Snapdeal has 90% growth and Flipkart with 80%  in visitors.  The war isn’t only with winning the visitors though. It’s of winning the customers. This is where all the deals and Big Billion days doesn’t play well. It all depends on the quality of products and service.

Since 2014, we have been watching the big players closely, and they have been pouring with deals and offers every day. But wait, who’s winning here? Is it Amazon or Flipkart? or even Snapdeal? They all have been playing well with customers. Things like flash sales and the big billion days or App Super Sales, every move has been played carefully. And Every retailer has their own strength in the particular field, also their weaknesses.

But, at the end, one who provides best quality of service and customer satisfaction will be the winner. Until then, though these companies provide lots of deals, discounts on products and reduce prices, they can only sell but nothing more. Having all that said, if you get a good deal, grab it up! Because, in the war of E-commerce, anyone can play well. But, ultimately, customers are the winners.


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