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Eight reasons Google Photos is the best Photo app ever!

Google introduced their photo app during Google I/O 2015, I have been using it since then. Here are a few reasons that I think, makes Google Photos the best photo app.

Update: This article was written in July and now it has been updated with the new features of Google Photos App.

1. Unlimited free storage for photos and videos: Admit it, when Google announced that you could store unlimited photos and videos up to 1080p, you decided to take more photos. And it’s one of the reason, Google Photos is the best.


2. Free up your phone storage: Let’s admit it. None of the platforms have found the perfect solution for Storage management in smartphones. Especially, when you have a Cloud account to backup your photos. You have to find the photographs in your phone, that have been backed up, select them one by one and delete them manually! Finally, we have an app that automatically finds your photographs that are already backed up and you can free up your phone storage by just a click of a button.

Go to settings and click on free up device storage to find and delete the files that are uploaded into your Google account.

3. Photo Sharing: This has been a painful thing for everyone who uses their smartphone to take photographs. We still have to beg our friends to send those pictures they had taken with their iPhone or a phone which has a better camera than ours! Bluetooth, WhatsApp, Email, Google Drive, ShareIt or Xender, you name it, we have tried them all and never satisfied with the photo sharing solutions.

Google seem to have found a way to make it simple. Now you can just select the photographs that you want to share, click on the share button, copy the link and voila you can share the link with anyone and they’ll be able to view and save the pictures on their Android/iOS or computers.

Not only that, you could even add the photographs that you need from your friend or family member’s account with just a click.

4. Assistant: Beleive me when I say, Google Photos is the most intelligent app you have ever used. Imagine this, whenever we try to take pictures, we would just keep pressing the camera until we get the best shot. So, we end up taking tons of similar pictures. When we revisit them, we would find and delete the ones that aren’t good or because they’re too similar. Finally, Google has found a solution for it. Yes, the app makes cool animation or GIF with similar photos.

This is not a video… it was made by Google Photos with the photos that I have taken!!!

To come up with this article, I had to take this photos which were then made as an animation by the app automatically. Not only that, it also makes a panorama, if you have taken two pictures which could be joined. We often don’t use panorama, but the app made a cool one out of my albums.

This image was taken 3 months ago, it has become combined once I started using Google Photos

This image was taken 3 months ago, it has become combined once I started using Google Photos

The above pictures (2 combined) were taken during March 2015. It was automatically converted into panorama when I logged into my Google Photos.

Here's two I have taken yesterday!

Here are  two I have taken yesterday!

This feature is called assistant in Google Photos, for the first time, an assistant being intelligent!

5. Collections: Like assistant, Collections is also very handy. It chooses a set of pictures to make an album animation and allows you to add a caption, edit or do whatever you want to.

My album made by Google and edited by me!

My album made by Google and edited by me!

6. Photo Search: Google is the master of the search engines, and their app is no exception. It allows you to search through your picture like nothing else.


Searched for “water”

Searched for "flowers"

Searched for “flowers”

When I searched for “flowers”, it even showed the flowers on the curtain! isn’t it so cool? Not only this, you could search animals, birds or even specifically dogs or whatever you want.

searched for animals

searched for animals

7. You can access it from anywhere: Okay, it may not be new to the market, but it’s cool. Because, you don’t have to pay for it, like you do for your iCloud account. You can access your Google Photos account from link.

We hope you make the best use of the coolest and most intelligent photo app from Google!

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