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Finally, you could buy a cheaper iPhone in India?

Apple products in India, are a luxury. It costs about 20 percent or more than the US price. The iPhone 6 for example, starts at 600 $ in the USA, whereas, in India, it starts at 44,000 Rs /- (after price drops of 10,000 Rs/-). Apple manufactures iPhones in China mostly, and in some other countries through the companies like Foxconn and Quanta Computer Inc.


A report from Reuters read, Foxconn’s plans of starting 10-12 factories to manufacture the iPhone in India. Which in turn, would reduce the cost of iPhones tremendously and would create employment opportunities in the country. If the report is to be believed, we could expect the iPhones to be manufactured in India by 2020.

With the Make in India campaign in action, India is most likely to bring foreign investors in the country. India reportedly has the second largest smartphone holders after China, with 650 million smartphones. Meanwhile, Apple has sold more than 500 million smartphones since it was launched in 2007 by the iconic Steve Jobs.

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