DIY Bottle Art


Materials required:
1 or 2 Used bottles of any shape/size ( I use glass bottles )
3D cone outliners ( I use Fevicryl)
Spray paint cans ( Easily available in stationery stores )
Step 1 :
Wet the bottles with water and scrape off all the stickers/labels stuck on the bottles.
Let the bottles dry completely.Make sure there is no dust accumulation on the bottles.
Step 2 :
Place the bottle on a stable platform and spray the paint evenly from a distance of about 12 inches from the bottle.
Let the base coat dry.
Redo the same step for the 2nd base coat.
Let it dry for 30 mins.
Step 3:
Beginners, make sure you practise firm line drawing on a piece of paper using mehendi cone or the 3D cone to make sure when on bottles the lines are not shaky.
Others can simply keep a design handy for reference and start away with the 3d cone work.
Pinterest, Etsy and Google, in general has many patters and designs which can strike ideas to beautify your bottle art.

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Rakshita Rakesh

Rakshita Rakesh

A S/W Engineer by qualification. Passionate about drawing, painting, writing, reading, cats, art, dancing, traveling, modelling, singing, movies and sensible conversations. A jack of all king of none. Physically staying in Vadodara & mentally located in Bangalore+Udupi. I strongly believe in leading a life with no regrets and doing things that make me happy.

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