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“We Just Want Compensation,” said the wife of Nurullah Mahboob Shaikh, the victim of Salman khan hit and run case. The verdict of the case, duration of sentence or consequent grant of bail did not make any difference to her life. She lost only earning member of the family and all that she was looking for was a compensation to support her family. Here she was asking for fairness on her part than Justice.

In Uttar Pradesh, three weeks ago a journalist Jagendra Singh was set on fire and burnt to death after he took on the mafia. He had published articles against a prominent minister, the police officers and was successful in creating public opinion against the collusive form of corruption.But those goons took revenge against the journalist by filing an extortion case and killed him brutally. The dying statement of Jagendra Singh and witness statement clearly makes this case an opportunity to crackdown on Mafia. But, unfortunately, the powerful people already have been successful in abusing state resources to set the prosecution in defensive mode by luring the family into a compromise. The journalist’s family has decided to accept the government’s offer of Rs. 30 lakh and two jobs as compensation for Jagendra Singh’s death.The family which had no faith in the State police, which was demanding CBI enquiry no longer wants a CBI enquiry.The witness has turned hostile within 5 days is a clear cut indicator of shielding a culprit.There is palpable indication that this case will bite the dust soon, as it happened in the past.For the family, it was a practical decision instead of ideal.They don’t want to take on the system, fight a case which will last forever, imbibe stress and spend an entire lifetime in court. Justice restoration rather than the punishment of the transgressor is important to them.But this case represents larger malice that’s prevailing at the present world, a lot of investigative journalists are being killed or subjected to harassment in the nation. If Victims don’t stand up and fight for the justice, oppression of victims with more sophisticated means will continue and justice will be suppressed.

Crime creates a social debt. The judicial system aims at clearing the social debt created and uses the victim as a means to end the debt, than as the focus of justice. The Victim’s importance increases as a function of how much help the victim can offer in gaining a conviction. Therefore, silencing of victims by compensation plays a crucial role in the final outcome of the judgement. A study by New York University psychology researchers shows that we’re more likely to punish wrongdoing as a third party to a non-violent offence than when we’re victimised by it.People must be educated to take the decision in the spirit of the constitution and demonstrate the collective value.It’s not impossible to create such environment. The support of people, media and political parties gave huge strength to the family of DK Ravi to force the government for fair and transparent investigation by CBI. Compensation programmes and reparations for the victims of injustice must be enforced effectively. Moreover victims opinion should not stop the law authorities to pursue the case and take the culprits to task. No amount of money can replace the sufferings of the family.

Deekshith Bellare

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    Nice article, that points to the real practical world. But we Indians do not have guts and patients to come out and fight. We think about ourselves and our family first. The bachelors or those who do not have any relatives who is alone and has all the wisdom and knowledge about the world, who has a thirst to fight for injustice can have an impact on the society, but only a Mahapurush (Human with power of God) can only change the present world.

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