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India is an agriculturist country. Majority of Indian population has taken agriculture as their prime occupation. Farmers are said to be the backbone of Indian economy. But unfortunately these days farmers are the one who struggle hard for life. The process of progress is almost invisible among farmer community.

Agriculture is a traditional occupation. Ancient India has seen its progress because of agriculture. The major part of rural India is entirely dependent on agriculture. They lead their life by sowing the seeds and harvesting the crops. But the industrialization and rapidly growing urbanization is curbing a farmers’ life. The increasing population is grabbing the agricultural land from farmers.

During the time of election it is common to see every political party, without an exception, giving long speeches in support of farmers. But as soon as they come to power, they forget farmers. When the thought of development comes into ones’ mind only industries come into picture. Most of us don’t even make an attempt to think about the contribution of agriculture to our economy.

Today a farmers’ situation is pathetic. As an evidence to this, few days back India has seen the death of the poor farmer from Rajasthan in a political rally. He had committed suicide because of the crop failure. Being the direct witnesses, none of the member from the ruling party had shown interest to save farmers life. Their concern towards farmers is confined only to their speeches. The greatest tragedy is that political parties have utilized the death of the farmer for their dirty political debate .Blaming each other for farmers’ death, they are trying to prove themselves right. Doesn’t a farmer’s life fetch any value in our nation? The politicians’ sympathy to farmers, their false tears appear only when poor farmers shed their life. It is also reported that about 9 farmers have committed suicide just in a week of April, mourning for the loss of the crop. As per the latest survey, in 2012, in Karnataka alone, about 132 farmers have surrendered themselves to death. If this is the condition of farmers in one or two states, it is left to our imagination to think about rest of the farmers in our country!

The problem in our country is that the governments are not supporting agriculture in a proper way. They are not effective in creating awareness about the importance of agriculture to our nation. There is a lack of appropriate schemes to boost agriculture. When there are crop failures governments come to farmers “help” by sanctioning penny when farmers have lost pound! In the name of dam construction and highways, agricultural lands are taken away from farmers and a petty amount is given as compensation.

People in power always give false promises to farmers. They put forward several plans and schemes for the development of farmers. But most of these plans remain inside files and never come out for practice. Each time when government changes farmers wish for one’s betterment. But every time the result is null.

Today in the craze of getting richer in a rapid pace, people go for IT fields, industries etc, leaving behind agriculture. Agriculture is thought as if it does not bring any income. When people hear about farmers’ pathetic stories in media, they are afraid to opt agriculture. Also there is a lack of daily wage workers, there is no guarantee of climatic conditions, irresponsible reaction of governments- all these resist people from taking agriculture as an occupation. A doctor’s child can become a doctor, a lawyer’s child can be a lawyer, a teacher’s child can become a teacher, but a farmer’s son wishing to become a farmer is considered as if it is a sin in today’s situation. Even a frustrated farmer resists his child from being developing interest about agriculture!

The main challenge that the agricultural field is facing is from nature. The climatic conditions are always unpredictable. Rain can be expected at any time, the burning sun is unbearable to the crops, the destructible winds, famines, the scarcity of water, also the destruction of crops by rodents, wild animals- make a farmer’s condition even worsen. For cultivation of the land for the present year farmers will have loans from bank. But because of crop failure, they will be incapable of repaying the loan; finally they commit suicide when they find no way to repay the heap of loan they have availed.

The scientific way of growing crops would help a farmer to get a better yield. In India scientific way of cultivation is supported. But this method is not gaining the expected publicity. It is also inspiring to hear that some of the present generation youngsters have opted agriculture and have succeeded in that. There are several students in agricultural universities which is a sign that agriculture has a bright future in India. We can hope that each one of them come out with revolutionary ideas to uplift farmers and in turn agriculture.

We are the citizens of developing country. Our economic development rate is the best in the world. We can be optimistic to expect a dynamic development in agriculture. Let there be days in future to support farmers in each and every moment. Let us all hope that the backbone of the country to grow stronger and stronger in coming years……

Shobitha Shriyan

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