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Apple – WWDC15

What is WWDC15? Each year Apple Inc. conducts their developers conference to introduce new software and products. This year Apple Inc. had their developers conference WWDC15 on 08th Jun, 2015. The event had more than 5000 developers from around 70 countries. Last year’s WWDC14 was focused on Design changes for both Mac OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.0. So, this year’s WWDC mostly focuses on making the platforms more efficient and improvising them with little design enhancements.

This article is only for the readers in India. So, we did not include the features like Apple pay and Maps.

Our thoughts: 

On OS X 10.11 El Capitan –  Apple gave the explanation of the name during the keynote ( El – Capitan is a rock formation in Yosémité). So, from the name per sé, says that it’s not far from Yosémité. But, the features added are a bit of relief for end users, as it improves simplicity, search and multitasking.

Even the small gestures like Finding the cursor and drag and drop windows are cool inclusions. Apple says the El Capitan has performance improvements twice as much as Yosémité, we will have to get our hands and then find out. However, we personally feel, Apple maps in India, is a light year away from the Google and much accurate Here maps. And the App store for Mac still is the same, can’t stand by the Windows store for PC, just like iPhone App store is far better than the Windows phone app store.

Over all, the look, feel and performance you get on the Mac is premium, even though Windows 10 is a better operating system, Mac is a culture – the “Cult of Mac”.

On iOS 9 and new apps: Like the OS X, iOS 9, too hasn’t seem to have much added to it. Except for the News app and Music. Siri is optimized for better performance. But given a chance, I would still choose the “Moto Voice” over Siri. Why do you need to touch every time to open your voice assistant, and you can use it handsfree, only when it’s charging? , heck.

The News app, looks much like Flipboard. And the changes done in search are already there in Google Now. The Apple Music is a Welcome app, but 9.99$ in USA  doesn’t seem much, but in India 640 Rs /-, is way more than an average user’s mobile phone bill!

On Apple WatchOS 2: All the critics and the users have agreed Apple Watch is the clear winner when compared with Android. And the new features added, makes it even better. But what about the battery life?! it doesn’t seem to impress much.

On Swift 2: In the end, open source software makes our life exciting and easier. The crowd thundered the longest applause of the show, when Craig Federighi announced the Swift will be Opensourced.

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