Open Letter

An open letter from the “MOTHER EARTH”


It was a few billion years ago, and I still remember how I split myself and said “I am going to part from you all and cool down myself. Because, one day I want to be a mother for billions of animals, plants and give space for them to breathe, drink and live.” I dreamt of motherhood and I felt there cannot be anything sweeter than carrying everyone in my arms. My brothers and sisters said “you are the only one who is going to take this decision and we are not with you”. They laughed, they humiliated, but still, I was ok to be the odd one.  Because, I had that dream of feeding my kids, I had already started feeling the sweet pain of my kids feeding on my breast milk and I made it abundant within me, I decided to let it flow all around as rivers, I even stored it within me so that my kids could tear me and get it when they want it. I was ready for every compromise just for the happiness of motherhood.

But today, my other kids come and complain me about the foul smell in the streets and rivers, plastics in the forest, the heat, killing of their brothers and sisters and for everything which “Someone” does. Even when they feel like peeing when they drink water, they never do because they know it’s my breast and I am going to feed my other kids with that too. When they complain about “someone” spoiling the same by throwing everything in it, I do not have a face to show them. I feel ashamed of that “Someone” because even that “someone” is my kid and I did not bring him up the right way.

My only regret is I trusted one of my kids more than others and gave him intelligence. I thought he would lead everyone and do good. I do not know who changed his mind and when, but he is not the kid whom I dreamt of. Yes, it’s you. The only one who can understand my words yet do not care. Don’t worry, whatever you do, I will still feed you till there is last drop of water within me and till I die with no air in me.

It is my nature that When I get angry I shake, I erupt and throw out the fire within me sometimes. But, you do not know, many a times I keep a lot of things within me so that my children are safe. Sometimes, I get sick because of what you do and you call it natural calamity but it’s not always true. I am constantly suffering from fever for a few years and you know? You are the reason. It seems that my temperature is never going to come down from now. It took me billions of years to cool down and I do not want to go back to same temperature again. You know? It really hurts to burn for years and just the fear of going back to the same mode brings tears in me. I sometimes cry so badly that I create floods. Take care of me so that I do not cry so badly. Because when I do so, I am not aware of whose life I am ending and taking them within me.

I wish your concern towards me was not limited to just a Facebook status or a tweet or an article but was a real one the next time you take a walk. It might be anywhere – In the street or in the forest. Because you walk over me and I am everywhere. Take care of me. I am being selfish, I want to be a mother for a billion more years and if you kill me today, I cannot be one. Save me.

Your’s ever loving –

Mother Earth.

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Niranjan M Bhat

Niranjan M Bhat

An Engineer by profession and a Traveler by passion. Hails from Karavali, loves Malenadu and lives in Bengaluru. Loves travelling, trekking and Riding.

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