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Windows 10 – From start to shut down

As requested by our readers, this is a follow-up article of the last one about Windows 10. Meanwhile, after our last article, the latest build 10061 is out for preview with some minor changes. Changes that are simple and noticeable. The Notification bar, for example, has been tweaked. Finally, leaving their traditional blues (There are still some blues, though – live with it!), Microsoft has followed the black theme for the whole Windows, welcome to 2015! Everything looks so cool with black on it. Now, let us scan through Windows 10 pixel by pixel from start to shut down.
Start Menu: It’s the obvious thing, the Start menu has been brought back from the grave. And the good thing is, it got better. You can easily resize the Start menu and pin your favorite apps and folders or anything you need is a click away. The Power button which was at the corner in the previous build has been made closer to the taskbar, commonsense.
Taskview: Taskview is new to windows though it exists in the Mac from a long time. With Taskview, you could add virtual desktops. Each desktop runs separately, it gives you privacy ( You don’t have to Alt+Tab anymore to hide your stuff! 😉 ) also it reduces system load. It’s a welcome feature in windows, Though not every user would use it, it is not overwhelming.
Alarm: After all these years of their existence, Microsoft finally heard the users it seems. For the lazy ones, there’s an Alarm Clock incorporated with the system! Not just that, there’s a Stopwatch and a Timer! Everything is cool with it. Now, for once I wish there was no snooze button! but beat it.
pic5 pic4 pic3
OneNote: It kind of makes me think in a way that Microsoft has been copying a lot of things lately, in a good way. OneNote is similar to “Evernote”, it keeps the information synchronized between all your devices. Though it’s a preview build, we expect it well integrated when Windows 10 arrives.
Microsoft Edge: Is it only me? or you too think that “Spartan” is a better name than “Microsoft Edge”? Anyways, yes, it is official now, the most advanced browser yet, is named “Microsoft Edge”. And so far, it’s good. I wouldn’t call it great. The speed is much better when compared to Internet Explorer, but has a long way to catch up with Chrome. But, I also agree the fact that it tempts me to use all the annotations and Read modes. There are still some bugs in the browser, and it has been improving ever since it was announced. Here are some screenshots of me scribbling (Pardon me for my writing without a touch screen!).
spartan spartan2 spartan3 spartan1 spartan4 spartan5
As you could see from the pictures, the annotations are great, You don’t have to depend on an external app to do these things anymore., also now we have Cortana built right into the browser and OS as well. But as usual, in India she’s not there yet.
Store apps: All the Windows store apps look so great and well integrated with Windows 10. Some of the apps like News, Maps and OneNote are preinstalled. I expect them to work seamlessly when the OS is available. And, it no longer feels like to exit the app as soon as you open it, like in the Windows 8.
Before Shutting Down: Like I said in the previous post, Windows 10 – is everything Windows 8 should have been. But now, it starting to make me feel like there’s even more to it. Microsoft has announced the OS will be available for free to Windows 7 and above users (Not only that, they have also announced that, even the pirated users will get their free version of it!). They expect around billion machines to run on the OS when it’s available (Allegedly this July). To be frank, I am now having second thoughts on whether or not to get a new Mac that I have always wanted to. Everything said, when things are falling apart, they might as well fall into place. Microsoft is finally falling into a place where users are given priority over everything else.
Shoot your questions regarding the new Windows 10!

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