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Why now is the right time for your new smartphone upgrade???

If you are looking to grab a new smartphone from a long time or planning to upgrade that old phone (if it’s old, then it’s not a smartphone anymore! – or is it?) which you have been using from a past few years, then now is the right time to get one.

FlipkartAmazon and Snapdeal are throwing great discounts on the latest mobile phones. Especially Flipkart is providing up to Rs.10,000/-  exchange offers for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus along with 10 % cash back with Axis bank debit and credit cards. So, if you sum it up, you could get the iPhone 6 for as low as Rs.30,000/- and iPhone 6 Plus for around Rs.40,000/-!!!
Same goes for the best budget smartphone of the year 2nd Gen. Moto G and Best Android phone of 2014, the 2nd Gen. Moto X. For the price of Rs.9500/- and Rs.20,000 /- respectively (after 10% cash back). Also, the Nexus 6 has got flat Rs. 6000/- off and the battery beast Moto Turbo has an exchange offer of Rs.10,000/-. The Flipkart offer is valid on 25th and 26th of May, 2015.
Snapdeal and Amazon on the other side, also have great discounts on mobile phones today. But, for the large variety of phones and exchange offers along with 10% cash back, looks like Flipkart has the upper hand here.
It’s up to you to choose an Android or an iPhone, Samsung or Moto, or to buy or to not buy. But, whatever you do, remember, as far as your life partner and mobiles are concerned, you always wish that you could have chosen a better one (No offense 😉 or there’s always a better one tomorrow.

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