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It’s most unfortunate that we have a day dedicated as Anti-terrorism day. I.e. May 21 – Anti-Terrorism Day. I wish we had no need for the day! A political influence might have made Indian govt. to start this but, in the current scenario, this day has a lot of importance. Each and every Indian needs to be aware of the terrorism and we need to together fight it out.

I used to take the pledge in school that I will treat people equally irrespective of the caste, creed, sex, religion and region they belong to. But, today I see that in the society, these are the only factors people use to judge about each other. And, these are the main reason behind every terrorist organization’s start. LTTE followed terrorism path in the name of region initially, Naxals and Maoists fight in the name of economic equality and caste equality. Boko Harm, ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and numerous other terrorist groups fight in the name of religion. Apart from these, there are hundreds of individual terrorists who fight either to take out their frustration or due to politicians and leaders trying to create tension for their political gain.

Every religion was found in the name of peace. Today people fight in the name of religion and the same has become a reason for destroying peace and is dividing us into pieces. Unfortunate but true that we have all fallen into a race of proving each ones religion to be great. If it had stopped there, there would still be peace existing in the world. But we are trying to prove that the other religion is bad and in this attempt, people are trying to kill each other, and it has led to a chain reaction of fights. And the worst part is that people have forgotten what they are actually fighting for and hence have started fighting within leading to the massacre of innocent people. Cannot find a better example than Peshawar School Attack for this.

India has seen hundreds of terror attacks in the past bringing tears in thousands of people and giving lifetime bad memories. It might be the 1992 Mumbai attack which killed over 250 People making it a Black Friday in the history of India or the 2008 Mumbai attack. We remember the major ones only in which hundreds were killed. But, there are more happening around which together increase the number of victims to thousands. We have forgotten the Maoists who killed 7 of our army people in Jharkhand a year back or lone person killed in church gate attack of Bangalore. It has not been a year since these incidents, but we do not even know if the terrorists were given the right punishment which they deserved. And, the saddening thing is that we have people around us who fight for Ajmal Kasab and Afzal Guru. A right education to draw a line between being religious and being religious extremists is required in the current world. What is good for the nation and world shall be put first over what is good for my religion. In fact, terrorism can never be good for any religion. Hurting others is not being religious and hope one day each one understands this.

If there are a dwarf and a tall guy, to make them of equal height, we need to raise the dwarf to a greater height and not cut the legs of tall guy. It should be a win-win situation and not win-lose situation. But, the Mao terrorists and other Naxal groups fighting for economic equality go with the theory of cutting one’s leg to make him equal to the height of dwarf guy. Let this mentality be erased off by right education.

For people wise enough, words are sufficient to change oneself, for the rest, punishment is the only way. The stringent law against terrorism should come into force. Quick judgment, strong punishments and fairness in judiciary shall persist and let each individual be aware of terrorism and let each individual fight against it. Let us all remember each terror event held and let’s ask the Govt. and the system about the proceedings of any pending case. Media might forget, the government might forget, but we the people are the ones who suffer due to terrorism. So, let us not forget any incident.

At least for a country like India, where we live in diversity, where “Vividhatha mei ektha” (Unity in Diversity) is the main motto, a strong need for treating every individual equally is very important. The day we achieve this, we would be strong enough to fight terrorism.  Let the day come soon and let the country be free of terrorism. It is hard to fight terrorism totally when we have enemies all around our borders. But until there is no one helping outsider from within the fort, the outsider can never enter the fort. So, let each Indian realize the importance of nation and fight against terrorism by not supporting it.

Wish you all a peaceful future on this Anti-Terrorism Day.!

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Niranjan M Bhat

Niranjan M Bhat

An Engineer by profession and a Traveler by passion. Hails from Karavali, loves Malenadu and lives in Bengaluru. Loves travelling, trekking and Riding.

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