Learn to make homemade Ice-Cream

Items required

Milk 1 litre
Arrow root powder/corn flour/custard powder(vanilla flavor) 3-4 tbsp
Milk powder 9-10 tbsp
Thick cream – half cup
Sugar 1- 11/2 cup
Vanilla essence few drops



* Cook the chopped strawberries without adding water. Then give a turn using a mixer. Now the puree for ice cream is ready.

* Take 1/4 cup of lukewarm milk and mix the custard powder and milk powder without lumps.

* Keep the remaining milk for boiling. Bring it to boil.

* Add the powder mixed with milk and keep stirring in medium flame.

* In the mean time add sugar. Keep stirring to avoid burning at the bottom.

* Slowly milk starts thickening. Add few drops of essence and milk cream. Turn off the stove.

* Let it cool completely add cooled puree then freeze for about 6 hours.

* Take it out from the freezer, wait for sometime n then blend well by adding thick cream in a mixer.

* Don’t over beat. It should be like idly batter consistency.

* Be careful while blending.

* Freeze again for about 6 hours and repeat the blending procedure.

* I prefer blending twice and freezing again. This will avoid crystals.



I  chose custard powder which gives it a good flavor.

While freezing I used Tupperware box, don’t forget to close the lid.

I bet you will enjoy homemade ice cream. Give it a try! 



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Sumana Mullunja

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