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It was just like another day, the day had almost fallen for the night. 6:30 PM was the time and I was in a local train traveling to Andheri in Mumbai! Everything was fairly beautiful just a bit of heightened security because of Republic day the next day!

I was standing somewhere in the middle of the compartment while I got a glance of an old woman aging towards her mid-60s… She had a flag in her hand! She moved to everyone there with a sentence that, “Buy this flag from me, for a rupee or two or even 10.. For the money will be put into a charity for raising kids!” She somehow walked to me and murmured the same sentence adding “KAL 26 JANUARY HAI, REPUBLIC DAY”..! So with no second thought I offered her 10 Rs. for a flag…I then turned my head the other side and to my surprise everyone stared at me like I had done a crime, but then something turned out so different, The woman was about to get off the train while a man called her and gave her 20 Rs. for the same flag! Same did a lot of people there, There was no CHANGE OF HEART theory to be applied!

I then went around to people who give a lot of money to charity and yet none to a homeless sitting by the road, I finally found my answer when people said that it always has been pretty tough for them to figure out if the a person really needs help and is starving, so instead of going around and donating to homeless they give the money to the charity or to a temple which indeed shall help the poor.

Back to the day I was in the local train, I went to 2-3 of them there and questioned them asking that they never cared to listen to what she tried to say and when I had given her some money, you followed me without any hesitation, Almost all 3 tried to satisfy me with a same answer that “THE WOMEN might be a fraud and when I give her money, people would have made fun of me..”

I’d conclude this saying, People have the love, the respect, the ambition to eliminate the poverty but they lack confidence, THE HEAD START… And now that we know that people are willing to do this and are lacking the HEAD START, YOU be the one who’ll give it a start just so people follow you 🙂

Martin Luther King with his speech I HAVE A DREAM and Mahatma Gandhi with the QUIT INDIA MOMENT, they were nothing different from us with the same physical and mental qualities but the difference lay somewhere that they started something without caring about the RESULT, And now these HEAD STARTERS lay on the pages of HISTORY and we sit back and read about them…

Sai Nikhil Dintakurthi

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