Bangalore – Garden City to Garbage City? – An opinion.

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka is India’s 5th largest city and it has occupied 3rd place in the most population, of our country. Infosys to Google, Name any software company, Bangalore gives a place for it to establish here and is rightly known as India’s ‘Silicon Valley’. ‘Cubbon Park’, ‘Lal bag’  and a park in each street in this city has made this ‘garden city’. Art and culture, high quality education and what not is available in Bangalore?

But is it transforming from Garden City to Garbage City?


The problems of Bangalore city is growing up with its progress in same pace. The traffic problems, air pollution, road maintenance, garbage disposal, water supply and what not are the Banglorians suffering from? From T for Trees, it has become T for Traffic and soon from G for Garden, it’s going to be G for Garbage in Bangalore. Who is responsible? Its BBMP and we the citizens of Bangalore!!!

Nowadays, We see garbage, the mess and experience bad smell everywhere. Are we not responsible for this too??? Or are we only responsible to complain BBMP for not handling it right? The reason for this situation today is not only Bangalore Metropolitan Task Force’s irresponsibility, but we are too. The next compound has become the dust bin for most people and for whom there is no next compound, the road has become the dustbin. Especially during night times people go for a walk. Why? To throw away their garbage in the road. Commonly, We see a lot of people with a litter covers. Do we ask them not to? No, instead we follow their footsteps and do the same which they do. I do not find anyone saying it’s wrong! What if someone else throws garbage in front of your home? How would you feel? Nobody likes bad smell… It even affects small children, School kids health. The bad smell and the garbage carry minor pests in them, which in turn causes diseases like “Dust allergy” “Asthma” Please do attempt to stop this as far as possible. Stop throwing litter everywhere.

What Bruhat Bangalore City Corporation, government employees are doing?

Friends, Government work is said to be as God’s work. The quote ‘work is worship’ is very much attractive in government busses too. But what are employees of Department of the BBMP doing? Those who agree to work in the garbage disposal should clean the street litter and it has to be disposed. what is actually happening? Collecting wastes and dumping it in a given place is a job given by Government and it is paying them salaries for this work. Out of which, 75% of these employees are working efficiently only if public pays them! They come closer to your household garbage only if you give them money. Let us agree that their work is difficult, they work in dirt, giving them 20 or 30rs isn’t a big thing! People who are rich enough can pay them, but what about the poor? This is the reason why official areas are clean enough compared to areas where lower middle class people stay.

This one brings bad temper in everyone!

See here, as per the rules trucks must do garbage disposal in the timings between, night 10.0 to early morning 5.0, but they are doing it in daylight. We can find these Lorries in traffic and in traffic signals. They spread bad liquid all over the road they travel.  This is spreading a lot of diseases and if no proper measures taken, it will lead to a huge problem in the city in no time!

When is the end for all this?

Yes, we can put a full stop for all these. There are some of the simple work which we can do but those can be of great impact.

– Throw your house garbage in the right place; do not simply throw it wherever you find space.

– If you have not received the BBMP vehicle to collect garbage, inform BBMP officials as they are working for our service.

– If you find someone throwing garbage in a private place, warn them not to do that.

– some organizations have come forward to make our Bangalore “clean city”, support them and join them for their efforts.

The ‘Pourakaarmikas’ who fall under the domain of unorganized labor, work in horrible conditions. Many among them are ladies. They are in the clutches of powerful, ruthless contractors, who exploit them. Bangalore’s garbage should be disposed off in the city itself. It should not be dumped in some nearby village. It’s the rich who produce more waste than the poor. Bangalore is our home town; it is all our duty and responsibility to keep this place clean, fresh and healthy. Even though we can’t change our government, let us try to change our surroundings at least. Let us strive to keep our city pure.

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