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6 reasons: Why Google Now is the only launcher you will ever need?

Google Now is the Android launcher developed by Google. I have personally used most of the Android launchers available, but I feel Google Now is the best choice for an user like me. Here, we list out 5 reasons why Google Now is the only Android launcher you will ever need for your smartphone.

1. It is the lightest Launcher available: Google Now is very light on your phone. It doesn’t eat much battery or no lag whatsoever.

2. It is easier to use: There are 100’s of launchers out there with tons of customizations, but, If you’re just as lazy as I am, then you may close your eyes and say “OK Google Now!” or just swipe left and start searching. And the “Google Now” voice search is easy and helpful.

3. It keeps you updated with everything: Honestly, this is the best feature. Imagine you search for something like “Android lollipop”, the app keeps you updated with the latest posts or news related to “Android Lollipop”.  It also displays weather update in your city.

And above all, say you booked a ticket (train, bus or even flight) and the app pulls out the email from your inbox and keeps it in the Google Now home page! it’s so cool.

4. It’s well integrated with Google Chrome: Google Now is well integrated with Chrome. So, if you search for something and want to open the link it automatically evokes Chrome.

5. You Can add apps for updates: You could add your favorite apps and get updates directly to Google Now. For example, if you want to get cricket score updates, add Cricbuzz or any apps in your settings.

6. Now on tap: Google Now is already one of the best launchers available for your Android phone. To make it even better, Google introduced, “Now on tap” during the Google I/O 2015. Which will integrate Google Now even further with your apps. Meaning, you could get more information with a tap in any app.

These are some of the simple and useful features which makes Google Now the best Android launcher available. And, once if you use, you can’t go back to any other launcher, just because you can’t stop your hands swiping left. There are so many launchers available with lots of customization, and I have used many of them. I find Google Now simpler and better. Which one do you use in your Android phone? let us know in the comment section.

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