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What to eat and what not to after working late?

Wish every one of us were like Birds. Not in terms of flying alone, in terms of working hours too. They wake up with sun and come back home when sun sets. But, our lifestyle has reached a point which has made cities not sleep 24*7. In India, we need to accept it and accept what the employer asks for. Main reason being there is another person just beside you waiting for you to perform badly!!!

But, has this only impacted your free time or anything else too??? It has affected your food habits, sleeping habits and overall your health. Want to reduce the impact at least a bit? A simple change to your dinner plans might have a great impact!!!

Weight issues? Suffering from low metabolism or indigestion off late? Heavy meals late at night might be one of the reasons.

It is common these days that dinner means what you eat after 10.00 PM and also, late night snacks make us take wrong food during the wrong time of the day. Late night snacks and late night meal are demons in disguise that bring momentary happiness but would bring all possible health issues in future.

 “What to eat late night” is one of the questions which is unanswered most of the time.

Like everyone, lack of attention by dear ones hurts oneself and so is our stomach. So, keep feeding it in small quantity once in every 3 hours. Never let your stomach be empty more than 3 hours and always have a pre-dinner snack so that you need not go hypoglycemic during the dinner time and stuff yourself up to the nose.

The late night snacks or meal needs to be oil free and low carbohydrate food.

Avoid higher glycemic index foods and processed foods.

Some of the options are here –

  1. Couple of Whole wheat bread or dosa with veggies or dal
  2. Couple of medium sized multi grain dosa with vegetable chutney
  3. 3-4 Egg whites with a glass of milk
  4. Raitha bowl (200 gm curd + veggies and spices)
  5. Sprouts salad
  6. Bowl of fruits with a glass of milk
  7. Couple of medium sized Roti’s with a piece of grilled chicken or fish
  8. Bowl of boiled lentils with some veggies
  9. A Bowl of clear soup and a bowl of salad
  10. Soya granules casserole or oats casserole with half a cup of curd

The options do not end here. You can select other foods too. But, make sure that you are having a good control on quantity of food especially when you eat late night!!!

Some other tips for healthy life style are here.

Perfect Life Style

How much do you know about what you eat?

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Dr Priyanka Marakini

Dr Priyanka Marakini

Naturopathy and Yoga Specialist. Currently working as nutritionist in FRESHMENU Bangalore. Love for fitness and travel has kept her fit and healthy.

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