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Film review: With Vastu Prakara is Yograj Bhat fading away?

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A wand made of carelessness has been the protagonist’s weapon in magnetizing his viewers in all of Yograj Bhat’s movies and Vastu Prakara is no different.  Not only has the director been successful in portraying it but it has now become a trademark of his. But in the course of building his style has the director become too casual to not recognize his own short falls? If ‘Drama’ didn’t convince enough then Vastu Prakara definitely will.

 The movie is built meekly on a strong base. Vastu, the theme, is the strongest base the director has latched on to in his movies so far. If that was a reason good enough to not mark him as a one dimensional director then watching the will make you think twice. Like a bee that flies not from the nectar, Yograj Bhat has failed to move past his past.

 A movie that preaches a strong social message doesn’t necessarily make it a better movie. The plot of Vastu Prakara is as weak as you can think of. Most of the protagonist’s decision making is influenced by trivial incidents which make you wonder as to think how the director can be so less serious! It was known that the movie would make light work out of a strong social belief. But the work itself has been made so lightly that, it is clear that the  director has not invested enough in portraying what he wanted to, instead was just happy in cracking some jokes and moving the movie forward.

 A mansion in the movie is brought down to ground without even the notice of its owner just because he is on some business trip. We are made to believe that the daughter of the owner is naive enough not to consult anyone of her decision to bring down the mansion and his wife is less bothered of the proceedings for she is in her own world of doubting her husband. The daughter has been convinced by two vagabonds that the mansion is not built according to proper Vastu and if corrected her parents could stay together, hence she makes the decision to bring it down. All too frivolous it seems to believe.

 The love story of Rakshit and Ishani is so carelessly woven as it makes you think that it is mandatory for them to fall in love as soon as they met. They interact as if they have known each other for years and it is only us, the viewers, who are unaware of their previous meetings! As the movie nears the end all things fall into place in the most common way no different to any other movie.

 The man who drives the movie is Jaggesh with his evergreen acting. As expected of Yograj the movie is beautifully shot and songs are not only catchy but soothing to the ears. As assumed from its title the director has taken a jibe at the blind beliefs that people follow while constructing a house. It says instead invest the same belief in a relationship to make your life better and this place a better one to live.

 The movie is an entertainer and doesn’t bore you much though it makes you wonder at times the reasoning behind the plot and its screenplay. The reason we invest time to criticize Yograj Bhat of his direction is that in him we trust to make better movies and he is one of the very few breed of directors in Kannada industry who instills belief in you to pay and watch a movie.

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Vishwas K

Vishwas K

Vishwas K is a software professional rooted from Belthangady of DK but spreading his arms in Bangalore. A sports Lover, crazy about cycling, a vivid reader and an occassional writer.

  • Niranjan M Bhat

    Absolutely true Vishwas.. Esp the last part where you told ‘why do we Criticize Yograj Bhat..’ Cant agree more.. Vastu prakara wud still be one of the best kannada movie of 2015. Not for the reason that it was exceptionally good but that others were still bad. Yograj bhat has set a standard and we cannot accept when he comes down so much.
    But, as an entertainer, the film has done its job. Probably, you shud have mentioned about Jaggesh’s comedy a little more since thats the main part of the movie.. 😛
    people say the film doesn have a script at all.. There was a strong script based on Vasthu.. What failed badly was his effort to come up with a good screenplay (Or did he put any effort is also a doubt…!!!)
    Hope Yograj Bhat comes up with a better screenplay next time. 🙂 (off course without leaving the positives like songs, visual treat, story etc. etc.)

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