In the busy world, we all live for one weekend or one Sunday that can refresh our mind and body for next one week of work. So, for people living in Bangalore, here is a list of 13 weekend getaways from Bangalore that are less than 200 Kms away from Bangalore. I present the list based on my experience. I might miss out a few and comment section always open to add if any..!!!   (The list contains places suitable for family visit and does not include any trekking or adventurous places..!)

1. Nandi Hills

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Nandi Hills is one of the most suggested weekend getaways. Can be back home by noon after visiting the place. Will be at its best during December – Feb. You get a feeling of standing above clouds since the Mist in the lower level look like Cloud and you stand at a greater height. To get this kind of view, be there by 6.00 am. The place will be overcrowded during weekends. If you have kids, better go by car since they allow car till the peak. If bike will need to walk for 15 mins and actually will be a pleasant one on a perfect misty morning.


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About the author

Niranjan M Bhat

Niranjan M Bhat

An Engineer by profession and a Traveler by passion. Hails from Karavali, loves Malenadu and lives in Bengaluru. Loves travelling, trekking and Riding.

  • Shivaprasad Bhat


  • Aditya Kalluraya

    Very useful compilation of places to visit. Will be waiting for your list of places for trekking around Bangalore.

  • Niranjan M Bhat

    Thanks Shivaprasad and Aditya. Yeah.. will come up with one soon.. 🙂

  • Raveesh Kemmai

    Informative! 🙂

  • Guruprasad Kathavate

    Few of my favs below
    * turahaLLi – kanakapura road
    * Art of living campus – kanakapura road
    * taTTe kere – kanakapura road
    * somanahaLLi beTTa/rAgi beTTa – kanakapura road
    * RangaswAmy beTTa/biLikal beTTa – kanakapura road
    * GoshAle – A cow sanctuary which hosts 25+ variety of indigenous cows of India – – kanakapura road, near kaglipura
    * chundhi falls (rainy season only) – kanakapura road
    * manchinbele/doDDa Alada mara – Mysore road (inner deviation)
    * siddhara beTTa (two versions) – both Near Tumakuru
    * devarAyana durga – Near Tumakuru
    * nijagal beTTa – Near Tumakuru
    * mAkaLi durga – yelahanka

    * VenkaTappa art gallery – beside Vishveshwarayya Technological Museum

    * basavana guDi/bugal rock/DVG park – basavanaguDi

    • Niranjan M Bhat

      Thanks Guru for the list.. 🙂
      Basavanagudi is definitely a good family getaway for a fine evening.. 🙂
      I had deliberately excluded a few which you mentioned because they are trekking places. A list of trekking locations will be posted soon.. 🙂
      Thanks for mentioning Tatte Kere. Waiting from long time to visit the place.. your comment just reminded me that I have not visited it yet.. 🙂

      • Guruprasad Kathavate

        May be you could try photo-documenting unique events in bengaLuru like the lalbagh flower show, karaga, kaDalekAyi parishe, kale sante (chitrakala parishat), mango/jackfruit meLa in lalbagh, gaNesha festivals etc etc….

        Refer –

        • Niranjan M Bhat

          Very good input Guru.. Thank you..!!! Will definitely work on these concepts…


    For more places and minute details of any of the place, visit

  • Haripriya

    A very helpful list Indeed!!

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