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Photography: The Focus

Photography is an art of exploring the imagination into reality. Our earth is surrounded with lot of beautiful creations, which cannot be expressed in words. Sometimes it needs a Picture to summarize. A frame showcases the hidden peculate meaning, which constitutes towards saving of these creations as a wonderful memory.

In the world, the sun has been worshiped and revered by people throughout the ages. Each day starts and ends with a beautiful natural sight. The sun brings a new day to us in the form of a sunrise and brings each day to a close with a sunset. At the start a brand new day, as the sun starts to appear over the horizon, rays of hope shine down upon us and gives us an amazing sight reminding us of all the things the new day has to offer us. The sun could be a source of great inspiration if we’d only stop for a moment to realize it. Likewise, we must enthusiast towards learning from the nature’s lesson. Because every picture has it’s own meaning with lots of learning. That’s why I had given the title as ‘The Focus’. Finally, I can say, ‘Life is all about Focus’.

This Picture was taken near Shimoga (KA).
Camera details:
Nikon D3000 with 18-105mm lens
ISO – 200

Harshad Uday Kamath

(Click to enlarge) Photo by Harshad Uday

(Click to enlarge) Photo by Harshad Uday

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