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Photography: Common Evening Brown


Photo by Prathik Punchathody

The common evening brown is a common species of butterfly found flying at dusk. The flight of this species is erratic. This is found across most of Africa including Madagascar, Arabia, the Indian subcontinent, south-east Asia and northern Australia.

Habitats This is found in the degraded forest, plantations, orchards, parks and gardens at altitudes between sea level and about 800m. Lifecycle

The larvae feed on grasses including  Apluda,  Saccarum,  Paspalum,  Imperata,  Panicum, Orzya and Stenotaphrum.

Adult behaviour

The butterflies are normally found singly, when disturbed from their resting places in the forest undergrowth. They fly mainly in the early part of the evening and often enter houses, attracted by artificial lighting.

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Pratheek Punchathody

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