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How good is the WhatsApp voice-call feature?

WhatsApp, the insanely popular app, known for it’s simplicity and ad-free experience, introduced the “Voice Calling” feature a few months ago. However, like every other technology, this too took a while to reach India. Though it was rumoured as a invite-only feature, it actually gets updated automatically for some users.
So, if you still haven’t got it in your phone, update your WhatsApp and check if some of your friends already have received the update. I got it updated just today and called a few of my friends just to see if they could receive it. Even though they haven’t received the updates themselves they got the function once they received my phone call.
How good is it, anyway? well, it’s not perfect. But, it’s not as pathetic as the Viber’s robotic voice call feature or like the Line’s ad-sucking one. Neither is like the Facebook’s messenger which requires a lot of bandwidths and still sucks. It’s as simple as we’ve known of WhatsApp messenger. But, it’s still not there. I could hear the echo of my voice much clearer than the voice at the other end.
Well, when you get something for free, you might as well tolerate the flaws in it? Nope. WhatsApp is known for simplicity and word of mouth.So, I expect it to get better sooner if not later. Having said that, now I need to re-consider upon my postpaid connection and make it data only!

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