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​Windows 10 – An End User’s perspective: All you wanted to know

Microsoft announced their latest Operating System Windows 10 a few months ago. Since then, they have released three major technical preview builds. And in the recent and the most stable preview build, they have introduced their brand new browser “Microsoft Edge” as well. Which got all the techies excited when announced. (Seriously, aren’t you tired of Chrome & Firefox – Now, Don’t tell me you’re still using IE on your PC – it’s 2015!!!).
Though Microsoft suggested not to use the Tech preview as the main OS, I have been using it as my only OS ever since it was released and have updated and still using the latest preview build. And here’s my experience with the OS as an end user.

Design and Look:
Now, don’t get me wrong here. We all know that Microsoft has never been a company that cares about looks. All they do is creating an OS with as many functionalities as possible. Yet again they’re here with Windows 10. It is a simplified and improved Windows 8.1, as you could see from the picture. It is perfect for touch and good for the desktop too. It feels simple and complex at the same time.

From folders to settings, everything has been redesigned. Ditching the Control Panel and improving the settings, Borderless windows, new folder designs, and icons, introducing Cortana for the desktop and browser are to name a few. The Windows store has also been completely redesigned as well.
The new features:
Some of the new features have been introduced and getting improved with each build and updates. One such is the new Notification center. Inspired by OS X’s, it still has lots of improvements to be done from look to functionality. Settings feature that was introduced in Windows 8 is completely developed now. Though, for the sake of it, the Control panel that we got used to, hasn’t been ditched yet.


The apps look much better and clearer than they are Windows 8.1. Some new apps like Windows Maps, Photos and the old apps like Music and Video, everything is seamless. The Windows Maps is a welcome feature, though it takes a billion years to load, I guess Microsoft will improve in the upcoming builds.
The Windows search and Cortana is improvised to browsers and local search as well. Finally, for the game lovers Xbox along with DirectX 12 is the best yet on a Windows machine. We expect Windows 10 for mobiles(If you use one!) would work seamlessly with the Windows 10 PC.
And Ultimately we can’t finish this Article without talking about “Microsoft Edge”. Simply put, it’s the most advanced and useful browser on a PC yet.
Overall User Experience:
The UI is smooth and simple to look and doesn’t lack much. Though there are some performance lacks now and then, we expect it to be gone when the OS releases officially. The installation is very simple but takes a while to complete.
Finally, under the leadership of Nadella, Microsoft got back to the right track, giving users what they love. And to show that they have windows feedback network. Each and every new feature suggested by the users is taken into account and improved. Also, like in the Mac OS, the windows has been made plain and moderate in design. It’s minimal and simple UI looks cooler than the windows ever was. As described by techies, Windows 10 – Everything Windows 8 should have been.
I am not a fan of writing too much, so please feel free to shoot your questions regarding the new Windows 10. I’ll be happy to reply.
Updated: This article was written in May 2015. Updated  “Microsoft Edge” instead of “Project Spartan”

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I Get fascinated by technology that makes me think. An early adpater and explorer of tech.

  • Niranjan M Bhat

    Windows 10..!!! Looks good… 🙂 Very informative write up..!!!

  • Aditya Kalluraya

    Thanks for this valuable information. First of all is it free for the existing Windows users? How did you install the OS? I heard that the OS will be “download and update” in the final version or did you do ISO installation? Do you suggest us to try the Technical Preview even now or should we wait for the final version?

    • Hi Aditya,
      Thank you for bringing this point up. Yes, indeed the OS will be made free for the users of Windows 7 above versions (I’ll be writing more in a detailed article). To install this Technical preview you need to sign up for Windows insider program. I have downloaded the ISO file and installed. I suggest you to wait for the final version if you expect a smooth user experience, because there are a few bugs in the technical preview and there will be more features too! Please do share the artcile with your friends if you liked it.

      • Aditya Kalluraya

        Thank you for the reply. Will be waiting for your detailed article. Yes, I will wait for the final version.
        Of course, I am already sharing this article with my friends.

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  • Informative article thank you Mr. Poovendhiran

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