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you-turnMan proposes, but God disposes this is an old saying. Men always have a dream or anticipation about his future, but all doesn’t come into execution as per his plans. And this is what happens in his life, in your life; in everyone’s life.

My name is VISHWA, I am one of my favorite. I idolize myself a lot and that’s what leads me to nowhere. So here is my small story with right ‘wrong turn’ making me find my ‘YOU TURN.’

During my graduation days, I was in a hurry to stand on my own. I had even pre-planned my future in such that I will get good marks and have skilled work for my lifestyle. My head was loaded with “job fetching ideas”. I had firmly believed in my skills which I thought that I could en-cash it into a job. Higher education was the second priority in my future life. I had even thought of pursuing my studies in the future, but only after being settled in a job.

The idea behind job fetching was to get an exposure in a city life and to interact with different people. I was curious in applying my “knowledge software” to cope with “market hardware” but at the time of “testing” of my application, it just failed due to “system unfit or no correct environment”. I mean when I faced first ever interview I got through it and even got selected, but it was me who put down the offer. Thereafter, I rejected even more, and I was rejected by some more.

I was shocked to realize that I was rejected. And the way I was sent out was the haunting question in my mind. It was just humiliating in my case as that was the first time I ever failed in such a challenging activity. I fell into ambiguity about my future decisions. The person who was advising many of his friends, for the first time, is in no condition to take his own advice. Alas! My own road had many unknown turns. My own job fetching ideas didn’t fetch anything, instead it just made me spend my father’s hard earned money unnecessarily.

Now I felt that the twist has taken the right turn. It has taken me towards an MBA and I am happy with that. Failure is the stepping stone to success and the wrong turn, according to me, have proved itself a right turn. This has led me to analyze every turn of the life in a critical way.

We sometimes get angry at God for not making our dream come true, but he has a better plan, better than that plan of yours. So keep hope in God and take the best and stop grieving for your worst. So a single twisted wrong turn made me learn a lot and the wrong turns might have even made YOU learn a lot.

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About the author

Rakesh Maiya

Rakesh Maiya

An MBA graduate from VTU University, due to his passion for photography now he is a freelance photographer. He began his career by working for an IT company as a financial analyst for less than a year .afterwards he worked for ‘Vijayavani ‘, a number one Kannada daily newspaper as a photojournalist. Presently he is acting in a Kannada serial called “LUV LUVIKE” (in Zee Kannada).

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