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White Rumped Munia: Photography

The White-Rumped Munia or white-rumped mannikin, sometimes called striated finch in aviculture, is a small passerine bird from the family of waxbillfinches“. These are close relatives of the true finches and true sparrows.

The white-rumped munia is approximately 10 to 11 cm in length, with a stubby grey bill and a long black pointed tail. The adults are brown above and on the breast, and lighter below; the rump is white. There is some variation between the subspecies, but the sexes are almost impossible to distinguish in all subspecies; males have a more bulky head and bill.


The White-rumped Munia is 10-11cm in length with a long black tail. The adult of the south Indian race has a stubby bill, dark brown upperparts, head, breast and wings, and white underparts and rump.

Other than the white on the rump and underparts, which varies in brightness, you won’t find any white feathers on this finch. White feathers under the chin or elsewhere may indicate a cross with the domesticated variety.

Males and females look alike, but there is racial variation. Northern has paler brown upperparts and breast and buff underparts. The rump only is white. The sex can most easily be identified through behaviour.


Males and females are very similar and the sex can best be ascertained by observing their mating rituals. The male displays a very distinct courtship song and dance. Discreet observation is possible.


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