Vogue: Women empowerment video gone wrong! Falls flat! Failed bad!

In this Kalyug where rape has become a common routine for many shameless inhuman males in India , where women are looked at as sex toys instead of being treated with respect where corruption and poverty have reached its core peak,  where injustice thrives in many nook and corners of the nation…the sensible citizens of India make various attempts to raise voices against such unfortunate issues, they try to bring justice to the soul of the deceased who might have been raped/killed/murdered/tortured due to whatsoever reasons ,they fight for security of women,scream out for women empowerment, go on a strike when they are deprived of basic rights and justice, vote for people who can build and better constitution and  they shake the government and try to bring peace in the society and ensure the nation is running smooth…

During one of these attempts to throw light upon women empowerment, the famous Bollywood director: Homi Adajania of the blockbuster movie ‘Cocktail ‘ decides to make a video starring the successful actress Deepika  Padukone. I feel sorry for the duo who failed so bad this time! Not sure if Deepika’s depression has taken a toll on her or if Homi Adajania has lost his mind! Talking about encouraging women TOO to have sex outside marriage and  cheat on their husbands so as to give a tit for tat answer to their spouse that can be inferenced from this video and tagging this in the act of so-called choice or freedom .

What has the world come to? What are these capable celebs making their fans watch?
Mind you!!! A BAD/WRONG deed CANNOT be silenced by another BAD/WRONG deed.!! A FAULTY MAN cannot be corrected by a FAULTY WOMAN and vice versa! A wrong step that shows irresponsibility towards commitment leading to insecurity in relationships /unstabilty inside and outside the house which propagates into the society when the story is the same in many other houses which would shatter the morality leading to chaos which will torment and strangle mental peace in general and lead to an unyielding nation in all spheres.The kids of tomorrow will be more confused and spoilt than we could ever think of. This so-called outrageous tit for tat step of cheating on each other for whatever reasons and being bold and loud in taking decisions that do not benefit after it’s done.

Hearing this straight from the horse’s mouth, the Vedas (Manu Samhita) exclaims: Where women are honoured and respected, Gods dwell there! Mother NATURE has made Women  stronger and more powerful than Men when it comes to being stable,being firm,having powerful emotional energy,nurturing and healing,pain tolerance,stress handling,sustaining relationships and the ability to control the prosperity, multitasking,communication, preserving the genuine Vedic culture as she has the world within her!…

Thus, I believe a woman can make this world a better place; strive so hard cuz she’s capable and one day completely eradicates the possibility of the  thought process that makes a man do wrong deeds….

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Rakshita Rakesh

Rakshita Rakesh

A S/W Engineer by qualification. Passionate about drawing, painting, writing, reading, cats, art, dancing, traveling, modelling, singing, movies and sensible conversations. A jack of all king of none. Physically staying in Vadodara & mentally located in Bangalore+Udupi. I strongly believe in leading a life with no regrets and doing things that make me happy.

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