When the time table for the semester exams is set Mom always says to me “Start the preparation for your exams dear”. And as an obedient daughter I will console her telling “You don’t worry mom, still there are many days left for exams. I will start reading from tomorrow.” When she doesn’t find me with books on the next day as well, again she reminds me about exams. But I, in my usual tone, say “I will start reading from tomorrow.”

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] am damn sure that most of the parents are served with the same kind of reply whenever they insist their children to read. I am really wondered the way how students easily get attracted to the mesmerizing beauty of tomorrow. It is the natural insist of the student community to reserve most of their good deeds for tomorrow! Whether they complete their work on the next day or not will be evident only after the passage of tomorrow.

Most of us are the sincere disciple of laziness. We feel it much more comfortable to keep our work for tomorrow. We are surrounded by a healing feeling that ‘tomorrow’ is going to be an auspicious day for us and we will be blessed with the extension of time to get our work completed. But its one of the greatest illusion of life that we always believe that there is more time in ‘tomorrow’ than today. How foolish we are to believe that the available 24 hours will get extended for the next day so that the remaining hours of the running day is to spare??!

We see several successful personalities in and around us. They are the role models of the society enjoying all the laurels of the world. What we can do for them is to raise our brows thinking how did the achieve success in their life? People like Sir. M. Vishweshwarayya, APJ Abdul Kalam secured a dignified position in the society as well as in life not because they are gifted with the hereditary property but only because of their hard work. They are the people who knew how to make wise use of the present time. They were the brave heart icons who tried hard in the present time and kept waiting for the challenges that were in the future. How many of us have such a challenging nature? They too had only 24 hours with them. They too were gifted with same intelligence level as us. Still their life was garnished with success. It is because they didn’t keep waiting for tomorrow. Making the right use of time and opportunity was all what they did. Complete use of today was their secret of success and not the kind of energy drinks that are exhibited on media..!!

It’s a natural tendency of every individual to keep a successful goal in their life. Some spend all their talent and resources in order to get success. But some wait for right opportunities to come. They keep waiting for a better tomorrow and make plans for the coming days. But in fact future is not what we have planned for tomorrow, it’s the result of what we do today. So we should prove best in the present and only then we can enjoy the future. Having a plan for the future is, of course, a thing to appreciate. But unless there is an effort for today we can’t lead fruitfully in our life.

Many students mourn for not getting satisfactory results in examinations. Even if their effort is not up to the mark, their expectations will be very colorful. The main fault in them is to postpone their reading schedule till a day before the exam. Students who don’t wipe out the dust on their books will sit over night for the exam on the next day. Is it necessary? If we keep updating our curriculum, it is unnecessary to spoil the sleeps during examinations.

Hitler says, “Tomorrow” will come daily, but “Today” will come only Today. So finish your Today’s work Today and Be plan for Tomorrow. Get the success. How true he is. His words should be inspirational to the youths. Only then, they meet success. So let us all take an oath to start our work today itself. Let the thought to reserve the works for tomorrow, be vanished from every mind.

Let the change begin with me right from now! Exams are coming, All the Best!!

Shobhitha S

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