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The Jungle Babbler: Photography

The jungle babbler (Turdoides striata) is a member of the Leiothrichidae family found in the Indian subcontinent. They are gregarious birds that forage in small groups of six to ten birds, a habit that has given them the popular name of Seven Sisters or Saath bhai in Hindi with cognates in other regional languages which means “seven brothers”.

The jungle babbler is a common resident breeding bird in most parts of the Indian subcontinent and is often seen in gardens within large cities as well as in forested areas. In the past, the orange-billed babbler, Turdoides rufescens, of Sri Lanka was considered to be a race of this babbler, but is elevated to a species.

The jungle babbler’s habitat is forest and cultivation. This species, like most babblers, is non-migratory and has short rounded wings and a weak flight. It is a noisy bird, and the presence of a flock may generally be known at some distance by the harsh mewing calls, continual chattering, squeaking and chirping produced by its members.

(Click to enlarge) Photo by Namratha

(Click to enlarge) Photo by Namratha

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Namratha K

Namratha K

Resident of Puttur. Graduate in Civil Engineering from VTU. Worked as Civil Engineer in Bengaluru for two years. Presently in an attempt to persue Photography, a long term passion, as her career.

  • I am naive in photography. But, as a general viewer, i felt the over exposure in the right side of the bird is little distraction to viewer.. (I know it wud be very hard to take bird’s photo with right head turn etc) commenting is much easier so doing that job.. 🙂 anyways a good click..

    • Namratha K

      Thank You Niranjan for the suggestion. I agree with you. I will surely try to avoid it in my future clicks.

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