Reader’s Opinion: India’s Daughter

In my opinion, everybody in the country should watch the so called controversial BBC documentary “India’s Daughter”. Well there is nothing controversial about it because they have captured the truth and facts. It highlights the views of everyone from the parents of the victim to the lawyers defending the rapists for their wrongdoing. It also shows how unsafe it is even after 2 years from the when the incident took place, absolutely nothing has changed. Only people who are still suffering are the parents who are fighting for justice for their daughter.

The government has banned the documentary, maybe because they are worried about the image of India. They have banned it from airing on national television, within hours of BBC uploading it in YouTube, it was taken down. They are forgetting for a fact that this is our country, this is what is happening in our country every hour, every day. New laws should be formed, courts should fast track the cases, and most importantly people should be educated. The documentary captures how illiteracy and poverty plays a crucial role in such horrifying acts in our country.

The documentary has shown how the lawyer who is defending the rapists shares the same views as the rapists itself. It shows how a human being can go to any extend to get fame and spotlight, even defend someone who has committed such hideous crime. The lawyer quotes that it is the girls fault, he even defends it by saying if some women from his family do anything against the Indian tradition he will “take them to the farmhouse, put petrol on them and burn them”. Then they go on to say, the streets are no place for women at nights. ML Sharma and AK Singh are themselves criminals by defending the rapists.  They practice law, they are forgetting the fundaments of democracy. They are forgetting the rights of the individual, be it a women or man. We live in a democratic society. Where is the democracy when the women in our country feel unsafe to go out? Where is freedom if they have to constantly worry if something happens to them?

It shows how difficult it was the parents to bring up their child, how hard she worked to become what she dreamed. How she worked day and night to become a doctor. It also shows her friend who tells how helpful she was. How she wanted to build a hospital, to build a society. He also narrates an incident when her bag was stolen by a small boy in a market. How she intervened the policeman who trashing the boy for stealing her bag. How she convinced the boy on promising her not to steal again. The documentary has captured how she was helping the society to improve and achieve her dream to become a doctor.

It has also highlighted how the rapists feel what they did is right. They do not feel any fear, pain or even shame for what they have done. They know that there are no laws in place which will harm them. The juvenile rapists who had committed the same crime as the other 5 convicts gets away with a 3-year punishment for murder. They feel that hanging them will only make things worse. But they are wrong, it will make people realize there is a price to pay for such a brutal crime – their life.

Laws should be changed, People should be educated, and justice should be provided for the victims. People who have not yet watched the documentary need to see it. Some people say to show this documentary is bad for society. Well this is what is happening in our country. Deal with it.

Arjun Shenoy

This opinion was written in response to the question posed by the website to it’s readers to send their opinion on BBC’s ‘India’s Daughter documentary in Facebook page.

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