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Rangoli is the origin of spirituality through an art in India.

Rangoli  is an age old traditional Indian art, which is drawn in front of Hindu houses and also considered as  one of the holy cultures in India. Rangoli is originated from two words Rang which means colors and Holi which means celebration. Hence, Rangoli is an artistic distribution of colors for celebrations.

The Rangoli designs are Symmetric in design. Evenness of the Rangoli brings undivided attention. In other words the moment we pass through a Rangoli we detach from the past and future and  forced to represent the present.

While entering a house, to feel good, Rangoli also contributes. Rangoli is a subtle art of influencing to tranquility. During marriages, festivals, Religious celebrations, Rangoli plays very vital role in India, which always welcomes God to the house/venue, where it is drawn.

The circular designs of the Rangoli used to bring energy levels and represents temples, which has grabha gruha in the center. Rangoli is not a mechanical or ornamental phenomenon. It is a science of creating energy pool.

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